Phantom Gallery Artist Residency

The journey to becoming a skilled and accomplished artist is life long. The work is intense. Skills need constant updating. When you invest in your talent, you can reinvigorate your passion for making art. But, an important part of the process is building into your schedule a time for renewal, for new experiences, and for a different perspective. Vacations for artists are not to get away from their work, but rather to find ways to inspire their work with new exuberance and energy.

Each residency is composed of one artist from Chicago, one from elsewhere in the United States, and one from abroad. Phantom Gallery provides each artist with a two-month residency, which includes a materials budget, a weekly living stipend, an apartment, and studio/exhibition space, as well as administrative support.

The goal is to give artists a space in which to imagine new ways to work. The residency is followed by a two-month exhibition of the project created, which is fully documented and accompanied by a full-color exhibition brochure. All art made during the residency belongs to the artist. Resident artists are encouraged to share their ideas and become involved with the Chicago art communities.

Phantom Gallery knows what artists need to keep creating and inventing at their personal best: time to reflect and time to work seriously, just for the fun of it.

Alpha Bruton is a Chicago-based artist and co-founder of the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network. Her recent drawings and sculptures follow a three-step process. First, the artist creates a free-form drawing while listening to experimental music; then, she pulls interesting shapes from these scribble images; and ultimately, she inserts random drawings into the space created by these shapes. She activates a practice similar to Vibra Keys association exams through the Rorschach assessment of sound, shape, and image in the context of emotional response.
Vibrational sound narratives are a very comprehensive system of patterns, or vibrations that teach our bodies at all levels how to have a new experience. They certainly are activational and personally empowering, bringing us into focus with the opportunities to choose new ways to live out our lives in each new moment. They seem to mirror to us things that we have forgotten about ourselves, reminding us just how powerful we truly are in changing our reality.

Phantom Gallery and Mo(VE)ment in Apeldoorn Area, Amsterdam
May 2009
Movement the Show embarked on a month long tour of the USA in March 2008. Building on what had happened in Amsterdam, Tali, Benno, and Rocy incorporated the kinetic e nergy of live improvisational jazz into ther performances. Mo(VE)ment continues to find new people to add to its ever changing cast of musical characters, the ideas and creativity just keep growing and developing. When the show is taken to different locations it is tits goals to include local musical talent every time.
The Mo(VE)ment painting with music workshop combines music and motor skills to paint. The rhythm of the music, the pure sounds, affect the way the pigment is laid down on the paper. The art workshop allows the kids to feel the music, and explore their own imagination as the group is directed through a variety of painting exercises using crayons, brushes and finger paint.
Phantom Gallery & KO Enterprise in Berlin

July 2009
We will explore Berlin's cultural history through this immersive course that explores the cinema, visual arts, architecture and music of Berlin. At the same time, Berlin is a city of contrasts where the shifting urban milieu speaks both to an unimaginable past and a renewable future. We will explore the avant-garde architecture and monuments, along with a bustling nightlife, which makes this city a rich source for exploring the legacy and spirit of the modern era. We will visit the studios of contemporary artists, as well as numerous art galleries and museums, including the Galerie Thomas Schulte, Guggenheim, Hamburger Bahnhof and Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art. Our farewell dinner will be held at Bertolt Brecht's former residence, where we will sample some of his late wife's Germanic recipes.

I will complete a visual diary of drawing, collage, video or photography. This visual journal will reflect the on-site experience in Amsterdam, Hamburg, and Berlin, employing themes suggested by contemporary narratives, personal or historical, will be created spurred by this cultural immersion.Posted by Alpha Bruton on 4/28 tags: conceptual painting