Phantom Gallery in Ramstein Germany

This is a space I'm looking at to host a phantom gallery project.

There are several other closed art galleries in the Village of Ramstein.

Simba Mediterranean Gallery

I ventured into the Ramstein-Miesenbach Museum, which is currently hosting a special exhibition “African American Civil Right in Germany,” to July 19.

“Afroamerikanische GIs und Deutschland”, “African American GI’s and Germany”.
The exhibition chronicles the little known history of the experience of African American GI’s in Germany and the significance of their deployment for the advancement of the the civil rights movement in the US. It presents the first results of a joint research initative of the German Historical Institute, Washington DC., Vassar College (Poughkeepsie, NY), and the Heldelberg Center for American Studies (HCA) at the University of Heldelberg in co-operation with the DOCU Center Ramstein.

Sometimes in life ones comes full circle, I remember in 1971 being a high school student, going underground to meetings, that supported the Black Panther Party. We circulated petitions to free Angela Davis, a Fresno farmer put up his farm to make her bail. That was my indoctrination into the Pan African Peoples Revolutionary Party and being an activist. The exhibition also highlights the Black Panther Movement in Germany, freeing of the Ramstein2, with posters, black and white photos of key Panther members.