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Editor's Note: In the process of researching Gallery Guichard for this gallery spotlight, we asked Andre Guichard to contribute to the blog. So before he uploads his first post, I wanted to give a proper introduction about Gallery Guichard and give a sense of his gallery and role in the Bronzeville art scene, and beyond.

When talking about a Bronzeville art gallery, it's easy to delve into the issues that have been swirling around about the lack of critical attention that is paid to South Side art. But I'd like to put all that aside for just one post and just look at Gallery Guichard as an art gallery - not an Afrocentric or Diaspora gallery - but as a successful fine art gallery that sells contemporary art and has achieved great success in just four years.
Paul Klein is writing a series about art collecting for this blog. In his introduction to collecting, he recommends buying from art galleries, but I questioned him on how a new collector could get started if they only want to spend around $300 on a piece, when most River North gallery artworks begin at $1,500.
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This is where I see Gallery Guichard filling an important role for people who are new to collecting, or have been buying art for a long time. Gallery Guichard is a big, three-floor gallery. Prices begin very low and range to about $3,000 (though a few pieces are quite a bit more).