Panel Discussion: October 24, 2009, 5pm-6pm
Murhpy Hill Gallery

Fine Art Exhibit Opening Reception for Everett C. Williams, Frederick Ross Owens, curated by Nathaniel McLinn, canceled October 10, 2009. Why? Panel discussion on problems and considerations curating in alternative exhibition spaces in Chicago.

Art theorist Nicolas Bourriaud defines "Post Pas the art work created on the basis of preexisting works.”In the works of Fredrick Owens, Everett C. Williams  remixing allows the viewer to recalibrated perception, the fixed borders of ideologies to dance between absences, gaps, and dissensus, in the limits of society's sterotypes, categories, and histories? This subject position shared by the artist and the viewer exist not as another layer of knowledge, but simply as a capacity to move among the centers and the margins of hegemonic values from the point of omission.

Fredrick Owen's painting with its electronica devices celebrates the viewer’s liberty and dcapacity to remix their own media experiences.

Everett C. Williams's remix completes a project started by Dubois and corrects and reedits main stream history by challenging negative images of black women in history.