"Sonic Tops"


Words cannot adequately express my deep gratitude for your support, your professionalism and your unbridled commitment to the manifestation of “Sonic Tops.”

It was a magnificent success and I have been getting a lot of positive feed forward from those that attended and/or participated. I am also getting comments from those that were not at the event. I have been working on the idea for several years. I began making the tops about two years ago and have one hundred ninety working tops and a couple of duds. I will complete the set of two hundred or two hundred twenty five ASAP.

I have not experiences so much joy and happiness on the faces and vibrations of people in a very long time! it was a truly touching experience, very engaging, relaxing and fertile with diverse people and exchanges. I hope with the stellar documentation I will have, I will be able to procure the kind of support that the works needs and deserves. Thanks for you patience, dedication, time, artistry, generosity, magnanimous spirit and encouragement.

Much Love and Respect!

Douglas R. Ewart

3714 17th Avenue South

Minneapolis MN 55407


I've created a slideshow of the event at

http://gallery.me.com/rlblouin#100143&bgcolor=black&view=grid and feel free

Photos aren't downloadable, but if anyone wants to get

in touch with me for photos (price varies by size) or a DVD slideshow ($10)

I can be reached via email or at 773.874.5896. I'll burn you a DVD of this