The Art Museum of Chicago

The art community will miss art critic and historian, Nathaniel McLin, who made his transition from this life on Wednesday, January 13th, 2010. Nathaniel's most prolific, art form proved to be analyzing, supporting, and challenging other artists, and his masterpiece was the radio show he hosted for nearly a quarter century, "The Art Museum of Chicago", WHPK 88.5 FM.

Nathaniel introduced himself to me in 2005, when he visited my studio during Chicago Artists Month, I was a featured artists, he interviewed me for his then "Critic's Corner", and invited me back to his show in 2008 for a live interview at WHPK.

McLin was a supporter of the Phantom Gallery, he referred like minded artists to network and create alternative exhibition spaces not only in Chicago but Internationally. He promoted the Rant-A-Thon in October 2008, at Little Black Pearl Art and Design Center, where he facilitated the fundraiser by using his singing voice, "AMAZING".  In 2009, he was our guest curator for Chicago Artists Month, Phantom Gallery Virtual Studio, "POSTproduction", held at the Murphy Hill Gallery. He was to moderate our panel discussion, connecting Chicago to Phantom Gallery LA in Pasadena. Panelist: Fredrick Owens, Gabe Patti, William Hill, Dan Godston, and Everett Williams.

While contemporary media rarely provides a forum for discussion and criticism of any fine arts, Nathaniel McLin, this intellectual giant, was delighted to become an institution the community could count on. He will be dealry missed.