Chicago Artists Month 2010: The City as Studio

Theme: Chicago Artists Month 2010: The City as Studio

DEADLINE: Friday, May 19, 2010 for artists interested in exhibiting with the Phantom Gallery.

Chicago Artists Month (CAM) is a non-juried, citywide event coordinated by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs. CAM welcomes program submissions from organizations and individuals that meet the following criteria:

• Programs must feature one or more professional Chicago-based visual artists;

• Programs must take place in October at a public venue.

Note: Individual artist studios are not considered public venues unless they are part of a neighborhood art walk, studio building tour, or otherwise used as a public venue

This year’s theme, The City as Studio, explores the impact of the urban environment on Chicago artists and their work, and the contributions that artists make to the vitality of our city. The place where art is imagined and made, whether in a physical or virtual space, affects the idea, the process and the final product. And the art, once created, leaves a mark on the place it occupies. Chicago Artists Month 2010 looks at how the city influences art and artists, and how artists transform the city by contributing to civic dialogue and quality of life.

You are encouraged (though not required) to use this theme as you plan your October program.

To participate, visit for "Intent to Particpate Form"

DEADLINE: Friday, May 21 for Phantom Gallery to submit to CAM.