"The City as Studio"
This year’s theme explores the impact of the urban environment on Chicago artists and their work, and the contributions that artists make to the vitality of our city. The place where art is imagined and made, whether in a physical or virtual space, affects the idea, the process and the final product. And the art, once created, leaves a mark on the place it occupies. Chicago Artists Month 2010 looks at how the city influences art and artists, and how artists transform the city by contributing to civic dialogue and quality of life.

The Phantom Gallery seeks to provide a model situation for emerging curators to gain practical curating experience, and to critically reflect on the issues involved.

The aim of the Phantom Galleries during Chicago Artists Month is to examine changes in current curatoral production and to develop innovative displays in relation to these physical storefronts or virtual spaces.

BRIEF description of the proposed program: Transforming Urban...

Curating means the creation of innovative structures for the presentation of cultural artefacts through interdisciplinary collaboration. In this field, art, digital media, and design relate in new ways to one another. The last few years have seen curators working in increasingly close collaboration with artists, designers, and educationalists on the development of exhibitions, projects in the public sphere, the design of museum spaces, and the presentation of collections. Contemporary exhibitions are changing, with new interpretative strategies complementing the integration into exhibitions of innovative display structures, lounge areas, archives, reading rooms, and new media interfaces.

This project will be sponsored by Lauren G Lowery, Vice President

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