POP UP Art in the LOOP

Website: artofsen.carbonmade.com

Gallery/Exhibit Name: Cleveland Dean, Less Than a Hero

Gallery Dates: Now Running

Gallery Address: 23 E. Madison

This gallery is presented in association with Chicago Artists' Coalition

“My work is that which bridges the unconscious and conscious painted in depictions abstracted from my psyche. This can only be done by stepping outside my self-sanctuary and embracing that which exists deep within my soul. Many times when I paint I black out, go into a trance and awake to realize I have just given birth to expression. I do not know the individual within me who paints. My physical frame is simply its vessel to dissertate my mentality in form. I wish not to know this entity. I do not wish for my physical existence to influence this metaphysical being. I allow it to create movement within a still depiction, letting my soul dance on canvas."