“MADE IN MY CITY”. MIMC- Chicago Urban Art Society

Venue Location: 1900 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago IL South Loop
Opening October 7th, 2010   4pm - 8pm
Open Studio: Thursday - Saturday, 1pm-4pm
TBD: Additional Locations, activities

Proposal Details:
In keeping with the 2010 Chicago Arts Month theme “City as Studio”, the Chicago Urban Art Society (CUAS) proposes “MADE IN MY CITY”. MIMC will examine the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network space as a designated public studio workshop focusing on the art of screen-printing. The public studio workshop can also be referred to as a “re-imagined studio” for the new economy and its creative inhabitants.

CUAS acknowledges the role of an urban landscape as a major influencer for the creative individual, organization or business. The MIMC space will inspire new curatorial innovations exploring space, product and of course, budget. Some might see these as restrictions however, CUAS sees this as a creative opportunity. Screen-printing as a discipline can be seen as both mainstream and do-it-yourself. Paying close attention to the popularity of screen-printing, MIMC will strive to demystify the craft and celebrating its ritualistic process as a true art form in our contemporary art world. MIMC will serve as an urban community art hub for youth, adults, families, professionals and the curious.

CUAS and the MIMC project not only serve as a non-traditional education site but the space will create a forum of resource sharing across like-minded and igniting collaborative spirits. The Chicago Urban Art Society strongly believes in pulling resources as a method of strengthening creative innovations for the City of Chicago.

Participants will explore the medium by engaging a myriad of materials, activities, instructors and special events. CUAS hopes to not only encourage traffic into the south loop community but a major emphasis will be placed on encouraging south loop residents to engage the MIMC project space.

MIMC Legacy:
Understanding the footprint importance, MIMC embraces the official 2010 Chicago Arts Month thematic statement:
“And the art, once created, leaves a mark on the place it occupies.”
What can the MIMC mark be? Look like in shape, form, purpose, message, or statement? A large mark or a smaller hint of a mark? The MIMC studio as message sparking dialogue, intrigue, abandon, creativity, or mischief represents a transformative movement into individuals as art maker, collector, budding curator, benefactor, business developer, or simply, closet screen printer. The MIMC Legacy will take shape in both limited edition print look books and a web-zine for eyes all over the world to view the MIMC Legacy-Chicago.

What is the Chicago Urban Art Society (CUAS)?
Formerly, 32nd&urban: gallery+space on Chicago’s south side Bridgeport community, co-founders and siblings, Peter Kepha and Lauren Pacheco formed the Chicago Urban Art Society (CUAS). An emerging art non-profit organization promoting the art makers visual voice through exhibitions, independent residencies, DIY arts programming, creative-use space programming and public art projects.
Blog: http://chicagourbanartsociety.tumblr.com

Website: http://chicagourbanartsociety.com/

Press: Huffington Post, Chicago Reader, New City, TimeOut Chicago, Chicago Weekly, ArtSlant, Chicago Public Radio-wbez.org, Chicago Magazine, Chicago Now, Daily Candy, Fox News Chicago, NBC 5 Chicago, Fox News Blog, Chicago Art Magazine, City of Chicago- Creative Expo 2010