Bronzeville Lofts PopUp Gallery Installation "LIBERTY"

Liberty Acrylic on canvas 94 X 74” 

Helen Myers Jones

By juxtaposing the statue of liberty with the peace symbol I want to open the question of the varied factors behind the myths of peace and freedom.

Myths and symbols prevail everywhere in our environment and their strength influence us greatly. More than we realize. The Statue of Liberty symbolizes enlightenment, justice, freedom, beauty, mystery, strength and pride. However, in the midst of these grand ideas, our country is overflowing with urban violence, bad politics, and fears of war and terrorism.

Libertas; the Roman goddess of freedom has been honored and worshipped for more than two thousand years, and, who does not recognize this symbol of liberty? She is as well known abroad as she is here at home. Is she more than a beautiful paradox?

Liberty’s promise of freedom is a vision that many are still seeking. This is why I have my liberty share the stage with her twin sister who raises her clinched fist to symbolize not only freedom but the will to struggle for it.

Helen Jones Mayer

October 2010