Charla Franklin

Fresno CA Gregory Melancon, Executive Director
The History of Soul Food from Foot to Fork! By Charla Franklin

African American Historical and Cultural Museum

Every month from November 2010 to September 2011, we will offer a Soul Food SAMPLE with a story teller, competition, presentation or demonstration. The month of December SAZERAC, cocktail, January BLACK EYE PEAS, February PEANUT, March COCOA & SUGAR, April MONKEY BREAD, May POTATO PIE, June CHOW-CHOW, July POTATO SALAD, August FRIED CHICKEN, September SOUL FOOD FEAST!

“True story… African women walked to the well to get water, on returning they would put their feet in the water as it was warming to clean and soak their tired feet, and use that same water to cook food for the white folks…. And when they got complements and was asked what they did, they answered “I put my foot in it”! This was taken as a euphemism.

This project is supported in part by the Fresno West Coalition for Economic Development and the Young Men and Boys of Color for hosting the reception