2011Creative Chicago Survey

Please contact Barbara Koenen at Barbara.koenen@cityofchicago.org

The 2011Creative Chicago Survey, available online in Spanish and English from February 4 - 25, will invite creative practitioners who live and work in Chicago to describe who they are and what they need to thrive, including specific space and business assistance information. This information will help the City determine policies and programs to support its Creative Sector, and be shared with interested organizations, research and advocacy efforts. The Creative Chicago Survey is unique because it invites the creative community to opt-in and define itself, rather than working from a pre-determined list.

To have the greatest impact, our goal is to hear from all creative people who live and/or work in Chicago. We are enlisting your organization's help to cast a wide net by inviting your creative community to opt-in and participate.

Who is a creative? An artist or an architect, a chef or DJ, a member of a church choir or a fashion designer, a teaching artist or playwright, an arts administrator or a filmmaker, a knitter or an industrial designer. Not just professional artists, but every person who engages in a creative practice as their job or their hobby is considered "a creative."

Many members of your staff, your audience, your board, your neighbors all engage in creative practice, and we'd like your help to invite them to take this online survey.

Here's How Your Organization Can Help:

LINK - Add a Logo and Link for the Creative Chicago Survey to your website. Download it here

EMAIL - Send emails to your entire list throughout the month of February - either as dedicated eblast or simply add a section about the survey to your existing email. We'll send you several messages in the next few weeks, and you can download the logo here

SHARE - If you'd rather not send out several emails, and would prefer to share your list with us, DCA will use it for survey purposes only.

FACEBOOK - Share the Creative Chicago Survey Facebook page with your group.

SOCIAL MEDIA - In addition to Facebook, share the link via your Twitter, Myspace, blog and other social media.

OTHER IDEAS? - Let us know if you have other ideas for getting the word out.

Survey Dates are February 4 - 25, 2011.

Project Background and Goals

In 2000, the City conducted the Chicago Artists Survey, which led to the development of the Chicago Artists Resource (CAR) website and the Creative Chicago Expo, and informed numerous artist housing developments and other policies and programs. Alot has transpired in the past decade, and results of the 2011 Creative Chicago Survey will help support and grow Chicago's current creative sector, and be an important resource for advocacy and planning. Survey results will be presented at a public meeting later this year, and disseminated online. Additional reporting and targeted analysis of specific sectors are available options.

The Creative Chicago Survey research is being conducted by Slover-Linett Strategies, a highly regarded research consultancy, while DCA is spearheading the marketing and outreach. The 2011 Creative Chicago Survey is funded by Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC).

Your questions and suggestions are welcome.

Please contact Barbara Koenen at Barbara.koenen@cityofchicago.org.

Thank you for your support and assistance