Jamin in the Studio Vicent

Marianna Buchwald, MIME Artist, musician performing for the jam session in Peter Vicent's Studio. Marianna Buchwald was born in Germany, her parents, the artists Hella and Hans-Ulrich Buchwald, founded the mask theatre SCHARNIER-Theater Hannover in 1969. The Scharner engages dancers, actors and musicians as well as choreographers and directors from all over the world. In 1980 she moved to Chicago. There she taught Dynamic Mime at MoMing, the Goodman Theatre and the Cultural Arts Center CCS st. Mels.

Since childhood Marianna has also studied singing. She learned international folklore, German traditional songs and chansons by Nertolt Brecht, Degenhard, Bellmann. Later on she studied extensively the songs of the natives, the Batks. In America she was attracted to black music and culture and got to know the music of Meredith Monk. With special interest she observes Meredith’s way of integrating voice and dance to created performances.