Chicago Calling Arts Festival Sunday Oct 2, 2011 @ The Mess Hall

Berlin Chicago Kaleidoscope- "Cultures Connecting"

Please join us! The Mess Hall is located at 6932 North Glenwood Ave., Chicago, Illinois.
Cozied up next to the Morse Street Red Line stop. Our meetings are pot lucks, beer and wine. Everyone is invited!

This project, "Berlin-Chicago Kaleidoscope Cultures Connecting" has been an exercise of networking in the global artistic community, creating collaborations, and pathways of understanding, generating dialogue with fourteen different artists from various communities throughout the Greater Chicagoland , and Berlin.

12:30 pm to 3:30 pm Chicago Calling Arts Festival

4pm - 6pm "Artist Gather for a Sunday Dinner at Mess Hall"

One of the things that we did at most host houses in Berlin and Hannover was to share the dinner table, for conversation and dialogue "Cultures Connecting". During dinner each artist discussed, talk about, and contribute different prospectives of what they got from the International Art Adventures, including projects, that intersected with poets, writers, puppeteries, musicians, and performance artist.
Chicago Calling via Skype, will call on musicians and visual artists from East Berlin, to share at the dinner table conversations, that as artist how they each survived, behind the Iron Curtain. Peter Vicent (Musician), Addi Kremer, (poet/photographer) who leaves in Hannover, and Ina Lukenhiemer (gallerist/photographer) who lives in Pankow, Karen Zdgzsche (tour guide)some interesting stories of their  time growing up during the cold war,and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Marianna Buchwald's Theater Project in Hannover Germany

6pm- 7pm- International Art Group, and Phantom Gallery Chicago Network.

9:00pm Short films, Jayve Montgomery presenting Kaleidoscope
"The Untied States of America"

Chicago Artists Month “Artful Networks”

International Art Group, Marianna Buchwald, presenter
Co Curator Kathryn Gauthier  

1505 W. Morse, Ave , Rogers Park

Location Insight Arts

October 10th, 6-9pm, Presentation

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