City of Chicago :Forthcoming Public Art Projects

City of Chicago :: Forthcoming Public Art Projects

Current Percent for Art Projects
(Projects in the design and selection phase)
In the above projects, the selection of artists and art-work for the Public Art Program is designed to be both project-specific and community-based. If the budget available for the project is no more than $10,000, the project will usually be awarded as a direct commission. If the budget available for the project is more than $10,000, the project will be awarded through a competitive process as described in the Guidelines for the Chicago Public Art Program.

Chicago Artist Registry Due date: August 12, 2012
The Chicago Public Art Program maintains a Chicago Artist Registry, which serves as a reference catalog of work by local artists. Information and artistic materials made part of the Chicago Artists Registry is used by the Office of Tourism and Culture and DCASE in fulfilling DCASE’s responsibilities in the Public Art Program established in Chapter 2-92 (Percent-for-Art Ordinance) of the Chicago Municipal Code, and that among those responsibilities are
Selection of art works for placement in (or on) certain public buildings, structures and outdoor improvements; and
Conducting of public forums as part of the selection process.
In consideration of the opportunity to be included in the Registry, applicants must agree to the following:
From time to time, samples of submitted work may be shown at public forums related to the Public Art Program;
From time to time, members of the DCASE Public Art Staff may discuss your work and artistic capabilities in forums that are open to the general public and in Public Art staff meetings;

From time to time, the Public Art Staff may consult with or seek the advice of people in the Chicago Arts community or elsewhere, concerning a specific Public Art Program project, the Program itself, my work and/or my artistic capabilities, and that these discussions may also involve showing of your work;
Open, honest, frank discussions of art and artists – including, at times, discussion of your work and you – are necessary and fundamental to the selection process.

Participants in these public forums and other discussions must be free to express opinions and judgments without fear.

In no event will you undertake, seek or authorize any type of legal recourse against the City of Chicago, any of its officers, employees, agents or consultants, or against any participant in any public forum conducted as part of Chicago’s Public Art Program, for any statement, comment, opinion or judgment expressed or implied concerning artwork or artistic capabilities.