“Berlin-Chicago Kaleidoscope: Cultures Connecting” at Mess Hall

Sunday, October 2 (4 p.m.- 9 p.m)
6932 North Glenwood Avenue, Chicago, IL  60626
Chicago Artists Month is a citywide, collaborative effort showcasing Chicago visual artists and their work throughout the month of October.  Coordinated by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events in partnership with the Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture, Chicago Artists Month showcases over 200 events, ranging from exhibitions to open studio tours and neighborhood art walks presented by museums, galleries, cultural centers, artists collaborates, and other organizations throughout the city.  The primary goal of Chicago Artists Month is to raise awareness of the extraordinary quality and depth of our visual arts community. 

“Berlin-Chicago Kaleidoscope: Cultures Connecting” includes an exhibition, presentations and performances. Phantom Gallery Chicago Network (directed by Alpha Bruton) and International Art Adventures (directed by Marianna Buchwald) are co-presenting this event. The presenters invite the public to join them—regarding an intensive process of communication on behalf of our common ideals to fight racism, to work for world peace, and to educate and inspire a broader audience through art and culture.

“Berlin-Chicago Kaleidoscope” Cultures Connecting” has been an exercise of networking in the global artistic community—creating collaborations and pathways of understanding, and generating dialogue with fourteen artists from the Chicago area and Berlin.

Participants include—in Chicago: Alpha Bruton, Curator, Director of the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network; Marianna Buchwald, Director of International Art Adventures; Dan Casillas, musician; Javier Enriquez, artist; Kathryn Gauthier, artist; Alan Emerson Hicks, artist; Jayve John Montgomery; visual artist and musician; Jacqueline Moses, artist; Gabriel Patti, artist and curator; Lewis Rice, artist in Berlin: Daniel Goritz, musician; Ina Lunkenheimer, owner of Lunkenheimer Gallery; Christian Mayrock, artist; Peter Vicente, artist and host; Piotr Wolodkowicz, artist.
4:00-6:00 p.m.: Presentations by visual artists who participated in “Berlin-Chicago Kaleidoscope: Cultures Connecting” during summer 2011

5:00 p.m.: “Artists for a Sunday Dinner.” While we were in Berlin, we shared dinner with many artists in their homes in Berlin and Hannover—for conversation about "Cultures Connecting." In that spirit, we will have a dinner during which each participating artist contributes perspectives on what they got from the trip—including projects that include poets, writers, puppeteers, musicians, and performance artists. We will be talking with Berlin-based musicians and visual artists, and sharing dinner with Berlin-based musician Peter Vicent via Skype call.

6:00 p.m.: Presentation by the International Art Group and Phantom Gallery Chicago Network
7:00 p.m.: Short films by Jayve Montgomery presenting Kaleidoscope: The Untied States of America