"House of Art" Berlin Art Club 2012

 The Berlin Art Club is aimed to be a "house of art" a home for all artists, visual artists and performance artists, a place for art lovers of all genres. http://www.berlin-art-club.de/

We are planning to have big and individual exhibitions of renowned artists and galleries from the Art-space of planet earth to come to Berlin. Artists should also be able to do workshops and so get the opportunity to deliver their skills to interested parties. It should be also possible to give visiting artists the opportunity to work and live temporarily in Berlin - in the Berlin Art Club.

The Art Club Berlin is the current front of a number of activities concerning the presentation of art and artists.

Extraordinary situations require extraordinary measures!

Our intent to initiate the Berlin Art Club – is the result of the experience of recent years and has existed mainly since October 2010. Actually we wanted to take our time in the establishment of our club and then to start inviting artists and galleries of different exhibitions to join us.

In September 2011 BAC rented over 2000 square meters of exhibition space with the aim of inviting approximately 100 artists from around the world to inspire our art-tourists.

The deadline to participate in 2012 is the 21 of July if you are applying directly to BAC

· Accommodations: artists coming to Berlin will be given an address of a hotel, where they have to call and make a reservation. We will make a deal with the hotel manager, so that we get a fair price for all international and national guests. Our staff will be informing you about the hotel.

· Artists who would like to take a part in the exhibition, but who will not attend personally, will be informed about the method and costs of achieving their plan. The registration form includes all basic information about the price. Our staff will advise you about the transport of the works and all other details.

· The entrance to the opening event is free. All other events are not. Artists will get 2 free cards that they can give to friends or family members.

BAC - Berlin Art Club 2012 Phantom Gallery Chicago curators should start raising money now to participate as a group exhibition/installation. We will be fundraising through our fiscal receiver NYFA ArtSpire, for Berlin- Chicago Kaleidoscope. Our goal is $40,000 to cover all expenses, (reimbursable) of participating artist/curators from Phantom Gallery Chicago and the International Art Group who are our art partners.

The cost of taking a part in the exhibition for galleries is as follows:
  • 1800, 00 Euro for an area of 2 walls each 4 meter long and the area in between.
  • But a gallery can rent of course more than one unit. If there is an interest in a special combination of walls, a deal can be reached to fulfill their needs.
Information concerning artists in the "bac 2012"- (please visit website for updates)

Email: info@berlin-art-club.de