Seeking Dancers for an International Art Exchange

Dear dancers!
I have met you at various performance, multi- media events in Chicago and in Germany.
It was great, seeing you in action and it was interesting to see your work.
I am organizing various performance projects for next year in Chicago and in Germany.

Aside from our monthly International Art Group meeting, featuring artists and dancers from various cultural background we meet at:
Rogers Park at Insight Arts  every 2nd Mon, 6pm, 1505 W. Morse,
 I am planning on developing art and dance excursions in the Chicago area and in the Northern parts of Germany. I am working with various visual artists and musicians, interested in collaborations.
Please write me a note, if you are interested in sharing into these networks or participating.
At this point you may read more about our ongoing projects at our web site:
I am looking forward to working with you, let me know about your independent projects and we can feature you on our website at Facebook, send your contact info about your projects.

Marianna Buchwald, Director International Art Adventures,
collaborator Alpha Bruton, with chief curator,