The Windows Project by Curator CAROLYN CURTIS MAGRI


Carolyn Curtis Magri and Charlie Ryder explore the experience of being in a prison from two sides of the divide with posters and performance. Carolyn is an Art and Design Tutor in Offender Learning and Charlie, an ex-offender. Her work is influenced by her experiences of teaching art and design to male inmates of two prisons. She is interested in how institutionalisation takes away a person's identity.

She makes small pencil and felt tip drawings, acrylics on canvas and digital prints.

She currently manages the gallery at Bankley and also involved in a series of exhibitions called The Windows Project working with other prison art tutors and ex offenders in a gallery setting.
Phantom Gallery Chicago supporters perhaps you can collaborate with The Windows Project, by find her a location here is a message from Carolyn....
We have our next show lined up at Liverpool Urban Centre in May and the number of artists is growing all the time. Let me know if you come up with a venue.

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I am still trying to access funding for The Windows Project so that it can tour. I am not sure whether you can register as an interested party on the Gruntdvig project - it is actually a European organisation but there were some Americans at the latest European Prison Education Association Conference so it all depends on the organization. Anyway, why I am telling you this is that if you register on the website and go on the list, then there is the possibility of partnership funding between organisations.
If you have time, can you access - and have a look at Partnerships. I know this is a long shot but I am giving it a go. Funding opportunities this end fast drying up! Is there anything your end I can tap into?