Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bat 17 New Addition Table Painting

Reposted for Andrew Delarosa for Bat 17 Table Painting Contest
As the new year arrives, the expansion of Bat 17 grows closer. As you know, Bat 17 is taking the large space adjacant to our existing space. The planned opening is sometime this spring, hopefully early spring. We are inviting all art minded individuals to submit a sketch for the purpose of painting one of our new table tops.
The table top size is a traditional door size...3' x 6'8". The winners will be able to permantely have their painting on display in Bat 17 as one of our table tops.
You can sign the top and show off your work for years to come. The work must be done prior to opening and sketches must be submitted by 2/1/2013. Table tops must be primed painted and sealed. Bat 17 will own the tables and the work must be completed at the artist expense (time, paint, sealer, etc).
Any questions call Jim or Jim at 847-733-7117.
800.999.DELI (3354)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Northside Cartooning and Drawing Group

"Art is Business"

The North side Cartooning and Drawing Group, is an artist MeetUp, that will begin meeting this Sunday at the Evanston Panera (1700 Sherman Avenue) meeting room Sunday December 23, 2012 from noon to 2pm. You can pre-register, or show up 1/2 hour before drawing begins. Max 10

Cost is $2 per meeting. 
Bring paper/pencils/pens and draw for 2 hours. 

For more  information contact: for more info  about the group    
Organizer: Daniel Weinberg

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Evolve the Gallery Loans Ali: The Greatest Collection to Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky

"Art is Business"
Contact: A.Michelle Blakeley
Evolve the Gallery,
Phone: (916) 572-5123

HISTORIC OAK PARK, SACRAMENTO, CA — A remarkable collection of 22 works by 19 artists from Evolve the Gallery’s Ali: The Greatest collection will be on loan to the Muhammad Ali Center (MAC) in Louisville, Kentucky. The highly anticipated exhibition will open with a private reception on Ali’s birthday, Thursday, January 17, 2013 and run through March 30, 2013.

Ali: The Greatest debuted at Evolve the Gallery in January of 2012 and was heavily attended and viewed. The selected works comprised in the collection were chosen for their aesthetic power in conveying the intense emotions conjured by the image of Muhammad Ali. The exhibit includes works in various mediums by prominent artists like David P. Flores, Frank Robinson, Charly Palmer, DL Warfield, Joe Iurato, James Gayles and features local artists: Gerry GOS” Simpson, Lisa Alonzo, and Kinzie Davis. Works by Jason Robichau, Joseph Adolphe and Taha Clayton were recently added to the collection.

This special loan is part of an on-going effort by Evolve the Gallery to showcase the many facets of Muhammad Ali’s life and his connection to people of all racial, political and economic backgrounds through visual art. Evolve the Gallery owner’s Brady and A.Michelle Blakeley have been working closely with MAC for the past year to bring this exciting opportunity to fruition. The exhibition at MAC is accompanied by a VIP reception and gallery talk.

“We feel particularly fortunate for this opportunity. We’ve spent the past year reaching out to various venues across the country with the intention of sharing not only the spirit and historic importance of Muhammad Ali’s accomplishments, but how prolific his life is. Opening at the Muhammad Ali Center on his birthday is just the beginning,” states A.Michelle Blakeley.

For a private viewing of available works from this collection before it leaves, please contact Evolve the Gallery at or call (916) 572-5123. A limited edition poster signed by world-renown urban artist, David P. Flores is available at the gallery and a commemorative catalog is also available here:

About Evolve the Gallery. Evolve the Gallery, is a private fine art gallery, redefines the role a gallery plays in broadening the art experience for patrons and the community. It only really takes a moment to understand how pivotally art is linked to culture, learning, community or conflict. As the art world continues to evolve, art increases its capacity to educate, open dialogue, be therapeutic and enhance environments. Art transcends political, ethnic, gender and religious boundaries and penetrate cultures in a non-intrusive or aggressive way, which gives it the power to break down boundaries and strengthen intercultural understanding. Our exhibitions are smart, creative, poignant and meant to give way to valuable dialogues, collaborations and cultural development that might not other wise take place. For more information, visit or call (916) 572-5123. For directions, visit
# # #
For more information, please contact:
A.Michelle Blakeley
(916) 572-5123
Evolve the Gallery
2907 35th Street | Historic Oak Park, Sacramento, CA 95817

j.gayles f.morrison 2 JA-046-Ali-Forever

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Evolve the Gallery
2907 35th Street
Historic Oak Park
Sacramento, California 95817
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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Winter Break- Phantom Gallery untill March 1, 2013

"Art is Business"  - The Phantom Gallery Chicago Network will be taking a winter break, and reopening March 1, 2013- locations TBD. I sincerly thank each of you who have volunteered, supported the galleries, exhibited with the International Art Group Phantom, shared your new art production at our monthly salon meetings, traveled with us this summer (online or real time).
Sponsored events, and participated in Chicago Artists Month activities, thank you for your dedication in making 2012 a successful year.

I will have to close my mind, so that I can prepare the annual report which will be posted Jan 1-2013, and create new artwork in my studio, work on research and development grant opportunities, to secure funding for 2013 for the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network. I will continue to accept prospectives from curators and all membership CV's,

Alpha Bruton, Chief Curator.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


"Art is Business" Repost for Renee Baker

  Mischtu Maschtu (dISORderLY mIXTUre)
Dates are DECEMBER 6,7,8 2012
Createfest II will be held at People’s Church
941 West Lawrence Avenue Chicago, IL 60640

Performances will start at 6:10 p.m. until 10:17 p.m.!!
Each night the performances will consist of improv performances done by collaborations of musicians, artists, dancers, etc who have not worked out a performance scenario. All performances will be impromptu and exciting.
Each night the slots will be
6:10 p.m.,7 p.m., 7:55 p.m., 8:45 p.m. with final slot 9:32 p.m...
It may be a duet, trio, quartet or even larger group, but the fun of matching will be Renee Bakers discretion. There will be a leader appointed to each group for organization purposes only and off we go. So, come out and join us for the 2012 CreatefestII.

Monday, November 12, 2012

W.IN.E TV Interview Ms. Alpha Bruton & Ms. Marianna Buchwald

"Art is Business"

W.IN.E™ (Women IN Entertainment) TV Highlights International Artists in its November Webisode
Alpha Bruton and Marianne Buchwald, artists and art administrators in Chicago, advocate, discuss and share their experiences of being females in the art world.
(Chicago, November 1, 2012) --- Chicago is considered one of the top destinations in the world for art, art enthusiasts and artists. Chicago’s passion for art has numerous private and public displays throughout the city. In today’s newly released W.IN.E TV webisode, Alpha Bruton, artist and chief curator of Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, and Marianna Buchwald, CEO of International Art Adventures, expand on their art world backgrounds and experiences from a female prospective. These women discuss their artistic inspirations, while encouraging women, wanting to explore this artistic field, to keep their artistic focus and perseverance. Check out this insightful and informative interview featured on the W.IN.E TV YouTube Channel today.

W.IN.E™ TV executive producer Sheila Henley is so excited to feature these two modern day artists by saying, “This webisode truly exemplifies what W.IN.E TV is all about, as artistic freedom and creativity are the complimentary elements to entertainment.” Ms. Henley continues to say, “My favorite part of this informative interview is when both artists state, don’t let anyone tell you, that you can’t do it. These words should be inspirational to all W.IN.E TV women.”

W.IN.E™ (Women IN Entertainment) TV
Sheila Henley, the creator of W.IN.E™ (Women In Entertainment), conceived W.IN.E™ by asking one simple question, “Where are the women in entertainment, and what do they have to say about the industry?” With that, Ms. Henley started W.IN.Ethe newsletter, which grew to become W.IN.E™ the magazine. Now, there is W.IN.E™ TV.

W.IN.E™ (Women In Entertainment) TV has a commitment to be a platform for women who are “Visionaries and Pioneers in their field of Entertainment,” and to encourage and provide role models for women, as well as men. This platform will allow women to share their successes and failures of making it in this dynamic industry. W.IN.E™ TV will encourage and promote content that will be suitable for all ages. W.IN.E™ has been a voice for women in entertainment for almost 12 years. Tune in to W.IN.E

Contact: Dexter Martin 4D-PR
Follow on Twitter: @4DPR

Thursday, October 25, 2012

October is Illinois Arts & Humanities Month!

"Art is Business"

October is Illinois Arts & Humanities Month!
The Illinois Humanities Council and the Illinois Arts Council are proud to present Illinois Arts & Humanities Month (AH!). Throughout October 2012, we encourage all Illinoisans to establish, deepen, and expand their relationships with the arts and humanities. Together, we can make the arts and humanities a visible and vital part of everyday life in the Land of Lincoln.

Alan Emerson Hicks, Michelle Stone, at  Prak Sis Gallery

Artist Salon Series- 2nd Monday of each month:4161 N. Damen

Creative Conversation- at the International Arts Group Phantom Gallery

Guest Curators, Visiting Artists, Exchange Conversation become part of the national dialogue.
October 27th, November 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th (closing of the gallery)
2 - 4pm

Renee Baker, Alan Emerson Hicks, and Alpha Bruton in Berlin

Creative Currency "Words to Live By"

Curator Gabriel Patti, and Caryl Henry Alexander install "Yard Signs"

This project was executed during the  Chicago Calling Arts Festival, at Squared in Logan Square, outdoor installation bringing "Creative Currency Words to Live By, to people on the streets. Workshops were also conducted at 2328 N. Milwaukee at the AnySquared artists studio.


Rants were produced by Nicholas Conlon of the Pink Guns Project, on Saturday October 13th, 2012

... My name is Nick Conlon..

Yeah Yeah... But what exactly do I say really.  It's all in the rant.  This rant thing is all washed up.  Got rained on.  Not much of a parade.  But we did.  We did on I mean.  I was going to rant something for this art show  this art walk.  I had an idea and then I lost it. I didn't want to be the mayor of Chicago.  I mean it's supposed to say I AM NOT the mayor.  Yet.  Seems torn, useless, button push less mind boggled.  couldn't try it if I wanted to.  Not even if I was the star of Brewster's Millions.  prior luck rendered me helpless so I did something outrageous.  Had fun.  Was up and at em well before the starting gate.  Painted the meth clinic yellow and the town read.  Had to I guess it was huge and omnipresent.  Still is, thank God.  Can see it from the moving train.  It was mourning noon and night.  Pictures and stopping them in their tracks.  It ain't dead it breathes life.  "I have to be exposed... My name is Nick Conlon... Everything's Nicholas'... This world is all digital now.  I still want to feel like film..."  Thanks for being there, glad you came, miss you.  Tell them this is my response...

"when I'm back I'll feed them."- Nicholas "Dosh" (pronounced dough shhhh)
p.s.  a time lapsed video of my painting is on my facebook page I think...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

3-D 12 presents "Sculpture Where It's At!

Contact Peter N. Gray,,312-925-4905,

An Exhibition by 3-D 12 Sculptors
"Tear Up, Tear Down"
3-D 12 Sculptors present "Sculpture, Where It's At!", a big-impact exhibition of innovative work including performance, sculpture, painting and drawing relating to the design culture of three-dimensional art.  This collective body of work revolves around Material, the show's theme.  By design, pieces with a natural or industrial context happily co-mingle with vibrant reconfigured plastic and paper works. 
DATES: October 1st through October 15th
LOCATION:  4161 N. Damen Avenue Chicago, IL 60613   Phantom Gallery, 773-501-7730
RECEPTION & PERFORMANCE: Saturday, October 13       7-11pm with performance at 8:30pm
GALLERY HOURS: Monday - Friday 6-8pm; Saturday & Sunday 1-5pm; Saturday October 13th continuous 5-11pm, reception starting at 7pm & performance at 8:30pm.

Saturday, October 13, 2012 - 7:00pm  Live Performance at 8:30pm

Through a variety of sculpture 3-D 12 offers a full range of color, texture, and style to its audience. Following a successful series of collaborations (2008-2012), artists Peter N. Gray, Alan Emerson Hicks, Mimi Peterson, and Eric Steele continue to explore the metaphysical process of recycling found materials and objects. Shelley Gilchrist, Ruyell Ho, Beth Kamhi, Jim MacRoberts, and Michelle Stone offer a softer interpretation of the theme in personal landscape. The works of 3-D 12 make a clear statement that sculpture can be a way of interfacing between language, lifestyle and emotion in order to join the socially conscious dialog between community and art as prompted by the 2012 Chicago Artist Month theme "Art, Block by Block". 
GALLERY HOURS: Monday - Friday 6-8pm; Saturday & Sunday 1-5pm; Saturday October 13th continuous 5-11pm, reception starting at 7pm & performance at 8:30pm.



Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Featured Artist - Liz Tuckwell

 Liz Tuckwell is a painter currently living in Chicago, Illinois.

Bio and Artist Statement 2012
  Shortly after graduating with a BA in Spanish from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, she relocated to Amsterdam, The Netherlands where she dedicated herself to her artwork and her love of travel. After nearly ten years of creating art abroad, she returned to her hometown of Chicago in 2005.
Tuckwell, Liz
Trio of Green Part III
Oil on Panel
The main focus of her work is painting, which can most accurately be described as Abstract Expressionism.
“My work is a visual collage of colors. Marrying the color elements and the composition of the painting I am effectively able to translate my inner dialogues with an outside audience. I believe that art is an investigation into being, and that my art is an investigation into my own being. Through the examination of colors, forms, composition, and textures in oil painting I am able to deconstruct emotional concepts and present them visually. My work explores the fragility of the internal condition and strives to create a visual conversation and connection with my viewers.”
"Cocoon Revealing Itself"
Recent exhibitions include the Chicago Art Department in May of 2012. She currently lives, works and teaches in Chicago, Illinois. She is available for studio visits by appointment. She can be contacted either by email at, or by telephone at 773 480 5669.
Her work can be viewed online at and information on private classes can be seen at

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Network Partnerships 2012 - 2013

Phantom Galleries Alternative Exhibition Spaces

Phantom Gallery Chicago Network
Afro-Latino Historical Society, B1E Gallery, DigiWorld, The Chicago Modern Orchestra Project, Spiral Visions, Borderbend Arts Collective, DayDreamProject, Chicago Project Management, and the Pink Gun Project, 47th Ward Streetscape Lawerence/Clark to Western.

B1E Gallery, 6902 N. Glenwood

Art Block by Block- Phantom Gallery Chicago  is currently networking with Andrew DelaRosa, owner and director of B1E Gallery. B1E is a notable art gallery in Glenwood Avenue Arts District. They have a very vibrant "sculpture garden" you can view on Glenwood Avenue from the Red Line Morse train stop. Andrew has calling upon artist in his inner circle to work as preparers for upcoming installations for the Phantom Gallery in South Shore Arts District.

He has a sculpture garden in a fenced yard at the gallery, and sculpture is also distributed along the arts corridor. His group has executed some pretty cool murals in Rogers Park. He has an installation currently in a PopUp in the Loop that will be installed in the Phantom space in November/December. You can Earth google maps  to see photos of the sculpture garden. B1E has been a very positive influence on that area for the past seven years.

AnySquared Projects at AnyWhere Space Studio

2328 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL, United States, +1 773-862-9609
The Phantom Gallery Chicago Network will be presenting
"Creative Currency Words to Live By" at the Squared! Art Block by Block, during Chicago Artists Month on October 13, from 12 noon - 10pm. Projections will be on the wall across the street from the storefront beginning at dust.

Threads Etc, Consignment Store, Logan Square


Projection Wall

Rant-A-Thon Location N. Milwaukee 2400 block
















Tuesday, September 4, 2012

BAC Installation Day

"Art is Business"  Berlin Art Club Installation Day--- September 3rd, 2012d, this hall is a wonderful venue. Artist arrived throughout the morning focused on setting up their wall space in the most productive way. The hall is lit by natural sunlight, can't wait to see how it looks in the evening. I am so honored to be amongst the caliber of artist that joined the Berlin Art Club in its 1st bac honoring 100 artists. The publication is top notice, and the organizers have worked tirelessly to pull off such a venture on a grassroots level.

I worked on recreating a 30" x 36 painting of the AACM Tribute to Fletcher Henderson just for this exhibition. The main image in the painting is featuring Kahir B a Chicago land poet, who is the current president of the AACM of Chicago.  He has relocated to the New York spoken work scene and perhaps in the years to come will check out the Berlin spoken word scene. When I first saw KaHir B in concert at MP  Amphitheater he was on "Fire", I had to capture him pen to paper, as I did Nicole Mitchell, Dee Alexander and Anne Ward on keyboards.
Susan Fox, is the owner of the 1st color study, and uses the images to brand her "Intersections Series", held at Elastic Arts. It has been suggested over the last five years that I turn some of my 16" x 12" acrylic on watercolor paper into murals, or larger paintings after this residency in Berlin, I think I shall take there advice.

Tonight is the opening, and I am on my way out the door to flag a taxi for the ride over, I won't be on public transportation tonight.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Snap Shot Series

Susanne Quadt- opened her studio to Alpha Bruton, Renee Baker, and Alan Emerson Hicks while they were in Berlin for the International Art Adventure's "Wanderlust Chicago Berlin 2012. She also opened her studio so that we could complete our self directed residency and prepare for the Berlin Art Club's 1st BAC Exhibition. I asked Susanne to share  short snap shot stories of her life and how she began her own journey as an artist fifteen years ago.

Part 1
Part 2-
 Susanne purchased a home in Turkey sixteen years ago, and spends six months of the year there, and the other six months here in Berlin. She describes her home one that still uses a wood burning stove to heat the house, and she takes her tea out on the porch. She often takes her sketch so she can capture  her surroundings, and explore form and texture.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Revitalizing the Soul and the Neighborhood through Art

"Art is Business" repost for Theaster Gates Art Place, written by Tim Halbur

"..The project is part of a larger intervention in the community by visual artist and urban planner Theaster Gates, whose art has been included in the Whitney Biennial, the New York Armory Show, and the Inax Ceramic Museum of Japan. In addition to his arts pedigree, Gates has a master’s degree in urban planning and a passion for revitalizing neighborhoods like Grand Crossing."

Built in 1888, this once-vacant house
on the South Side of Chicago
has been renovated inside and out
to serve as the Library and Archive
House, holding a collection of art and
architectural books.
Credit: Propellerfund

Two-story building on South
Dorchester Street is being renovated
to serve as the Black Cinema House.
All rights reserved Rebuild Foundation

Thursday, August 23, 2012


"Art is Business" by Marianna Buchwald


Eine Künstlergruppe aus Chicago kommt dieses Wochenende nach Syke. Es ist schon lange geplant in Syke neue Werke entstehen zu lassen, - in gewissem Sinne ein Symposion.

Kurzfristig hat sich ergeben, daß diese Künstlerbegegnung auf der Hofstelle von Elsa Töbelmann und Henning Greve in Schnepke stattfinden soll.

Die Initiative kommt von Marianna Buchwald, die in Syke durch die Aufführung des Scharniertheaters schon bekannt ist. Sie hatte letztes Jahr und dieses Jahr die Regie bei den Aufführungen im Kreismuseum geleitet.

Renee Baker "Letting Go" 2012 Self Directed Residence

Dieses mal geht es bei ihrer Initiative um den Austausch von amerikanischen und deutschen Künstlern, die sich zum Abschluss in Berlin treffen werden.

Bei dem Schnepker Künstlertreffen wird Marianna Buchwald malen, genauso wie Alpha Bruton, die expressiv, mit kräftigen Farben arbeitet. Alan Emerson Hicks ist bekannt für seine durchlässigen Gebilde, fein modellierte Objekte, die alle aus Plastikabfällen entstehen. Als Vierte der Gruppe aus Chicago ist die Violinistin Reneé Baker mitgekommen. Sie ist nicht nur Musikerin und Komponistin, sondern auch Schriftstellerin und Malerin.

Weitere Informationen sind unter folgender der Webadresse zu finden:

Marianna Buchwald, and Henning Greve our host in Skye
Aus diesem Anlass sind Besucher herzlich eingeladen, am Sonntag den 19. August, von 15:00 bis 18:00 Uhr, den Künstlern bei der Arbeit zuzusehen und sich mit ihnen zu unterhalten. Außerdem besteht dabei die Möglichkeit sich den großen Ausstellungsgarten von Elsa Töbelmann und Henning Greve, mit den Wind - und Bewegungsobjekten an der Schnepker Str. 9  (Syke - Schnepke) anzusehen und durch das Gelände zu spazieren.

Alpha Bruton, in Hannover Germany, "VSN" 2012

Mehr über Alpha Bruton findet sich unter

Eigene Aufnahme für die Presse

Weitere Informationen zu den Künstlern lassen sich unter der Webadresse:
Alan Emerson Hicks, "Bird In Flight" Wanderlust Sculpture

Über Alan Emerson Hicks habe ich folgenden Text aus dem Netz heraus kopiert:
Alan Emerson Hicks was born in 1964. He was born and raised in the Chicago area. Alan's work focuses on a social commentary through and about the disposal of trash today.
“My artwork is about transformation. I collect plastic commonplace objects and societal detritus, bottles, grocery bags, caps, hangers, video tape and use them to make sculpture. I want the viewer to see the objects of their everyday lives anew, hopefully changing the way they dispose of these items…My work is a commentary on what our society views as important and unimportant,” says Hicks.
He attended Lindblom Technical High School and received a Bachelor's of Fine Art Degree from Illinois State University. While Alan was in school he studied sculpture with regards to multi-media formats, woodworking, metal smithing, drawing and printmaking. Once he graduated, Hicks began his career as an artist and worked with a variety of mediums until he found the passion of turning trash into a social commentary on society's views of what is important and what's unimportant.
Mariana Buchwald, in Hannover Germany 2012
Elsa Töbelmann und Henning Greve in Syke