National Call for Artists and Designers

"Art is Business"  Faith and Community Based Organizations to Create Public Artworks

Contact: Caryl Henry Alexander
Artists With Purpose

Creative Currency : Words to Live By

Chicago Calling, Phantom Gallery and Caryl Alexander’s Artists With Purpose, today announced a call for artists and designers uniquely and in collaboration with faith and community based organizations to “ante up” their creative currency in the run up to the November elections and beyond.

Our challenge is to generate handmade YARD SIGNS that lift up our voices in our community’s visual landscape with a message of Civility, Cooperation, Encouragement and Peace.

The signs will be installed both in Chicago and in your own community.

With Chicago Calling and Phantom Gallery sponsoring an event in October 2012. which with include possible event is the display of a pinerest page with images from around the country and skype in several of the organizations to share their experiences of___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Send form for entry and to receive information on Project Resources by DATE!!!!!
(Project Resources Talk through the tech stuff and Materials)