Network Partnerships 2012 - 2013

Phantom Galleries Alternative Exhibition Spaces

Phantom Gallery Chicago Network
Afro-Latino Historical Society, B1E Gallery, DigiWorld, The Chicago Modern Orchestra Project, Spiral Visions, Borderbend Arts Collective, DayDreamProject, Chicago Project Management, and the Pink Gun Project, 47th Ward Streetscape Lawerence/Clark to Western.

B1E Gallery, 6902 N. Glenwood

Art Block by Block- Phantom Gallery Chicago  is currently networking with Andrew DelaRosa, owner and director of B1E Gallery. B1E is a notable art gallery in Glenwood Avenue Arts District. They have a very vibrant "sculpture garden" you can view on Glenwood Avenue from the Red Line Morse train stop. Andrew has calling upon artist in his inner circle to work as preparers for upcoming installations for the Phantom Gallery in South Shore Arts District.

He has a sculpture garden in a fenced yard at the gallery, and sculpture is also distributed along the arts corridor. His group has executed some pretty cool murals in Rogers Park. He has an installation currently in a PopUp in the Loop that will be installed in the Phantom space in November/December. You can Earth google maps  to see photos of the sculpture garden. B1E has been a very positive influence on that area for the past seven years.

AnySquared Projects at AnyWhere Space Studio

2328 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL, United States, +1 773-862-9609
The Phantom Gallery Chicago Network will be presenting
"Creative Currency Words to Live By" at the Squared! Art Block by Block, during Chicago Artists Month on October 13, from 12 noon - 10pm. Projections will be on the wall across the street from the storefront beginning at dust.

Threads Etc, Consignment Store, Logan Square


Projection Wall

Rant-A-Thon Location N. Milwaukee 2400 block