Featured Artist - Liz Tuckwell

 Liz Tuckwell is a painter currently living in Chicago, Illinois.

Bio and Artist Statement 2012
  Shortly after graduating with a BA in Spanish from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, she relocated to Amsterdam, The Netherlands where she dedicated herself to her artwork and her love of travel. After nearly ten years of creating art abroad, she returned to her hometown of Chicago in 2005.
Tuckwell, Liz
Trio of Green Part III
Oil on Panel
The main focus of her work is painting, which can most accurately be described as Abstract Expressionism.
“My work is a visual collage of colors. Marrying the color elements and the composition of the painting I am effectively able to translate my inner dialogues with an outside audience. I believe that art is an investigation into being, and that my art is an investigation into my own being. Through the examination of colors, forms, composition, and textures in oil painting I am able to deconstruct emotional concepts and present them visually. My work explores the fragility of the internal condition and strives to create a visual conversation and connection with my viewers.”
"Cocoon Revealing Itself"
Recent exhibitions include the Chicago Art Department in May of 2012. She currently lives, works and teaches in Chicago, Illinois. She is available for studio visits by appointment. She can be contacted either by email at info@liztuckwell.com, or by telephone at 773 480 5669.
Her work can be viewed online at www.liztuckwell.com and information on private classes can be seen at create.liztuckwell.com.