October is Illinois Arts & Humanities Month!

"Art is Business"

October is Illinois Arts & Humanities Month!
The Illinois Humanities Council and the Illinois Arts Council are proud to present Illinois Arts & Humanities Month (AH!). Throughout October 2012, we encourage all Illinoisans to establish, deepen, and expand their relationships with the arts and humanities. Together, we can make the arts and humanities a visible and vital part of everyday life in the Land of Lincoln.

Alan Emerson Hicks, Michelle Stone, at  Prak Sis Gallery

Artist Salon Series- 2nd Monday of each month:4161 N. Damen

Creative Conversation- at the International Arts Group Phantom Gallery

Guest Curators, Visiting Artists, Exchange Conversation become part of the national dialogue.
October 27th, November 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th (closing of the gallery)
2 - 4pm

Renee Baker, Alan Emerson Hicks, and Alpha Bruton in Berlin

Creative Currency "Words to Live By"

Curator Gabriel Patti, and Caryl Henry Alexander install "Yard Signs"

This project was executed during the  Chicago Calling Arts Festival, at Squared in Logan Square, outdoor installation bringing "Creative Currency Words to Live By, to people on the streets. Workshops were also conducted at 2328 N. Milwaukee at the AnySquared artists studio.


Rants were produced by Nicholas Conlon of the Pink Guns Project, on Saturday October 13th, 2012

... My name is Nick Conlon..

Yeah Yeah... But what exactly do I say really.  It's all in the rant.  This rant thing is all washed up.  Got rained on.  Not much of a parade.  But we did.  We did on I mean.  I was going to rant something for this art show  this art walk.  I had an idea and then I lost it. I didn't want to be the mayor of Chicago.  I mean it's supposed to say I AM NOT the mayor.  Yet.  Seems torn, useless, button push less mind boggled.  couldn't try it if I wanted to.  Not even if I was the star of Brewster's Millions.  prior luck rendered me helpless so I did something outrageous.  Had fun.  Was up and at em well before the starting gate.  Painted the meth clinic yellow and the town read.  Had to I guess it was huge and omnipresent.  Still is, thank God.  Can see it from the moving train.  It was mourning noon and night.  Pictures and stopping them in their tracks.  It ain't dead it breathes life.  "I have to be exposed... My name is Nick Conlon... Everything's Nicholas'... This world is all digital now.  I still want to feel like film..."  Thanks for being there, glad you came, miss you.  Tell them this is my response...

"when I'm back I'll feed them."- Nicholas "Dosh" (pronounced dough shhhh)
p.s.  a time lapsed video of my painting is on my facebook page I think...