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"Are Black Women Loud?" a Creative Conversation, hosted by SOJO Art Museum
ART TALKS is a forum/lecture series hosted by curators during gallery exhibitions. The Phantom Gallery will look at how the city influences art, and how artist transform the city by contributing to civic dialogue and quality of life. These installations will produce "Creative Conversations" presenting artist speaking about their art.
YaYa - Jennifer Porras, Arts and Activism at the Crocker Art Museum 2015

There is room for flexibility in the way we work; the installation will adjust to the environment in which it is place. We are challenged to develop innovative displays in relation to physical or virtual spaces, and to provide opportunities for experimental, installation and conceptual art with the communities we visit.

What are Creative Conversations?
Creative Conversations are local gatherings of engaged citizens in communities across the country and are part of a grassroots movement to elevate the profile of arts in America during National Arts & Humanities Month every October. Started in 2004 as a program of The Emerging Leaders Network, Americans for the Arts is now expanding the scope of the event to invite all arts leaders and interested individuals to participate.

A Creative Conversation in  hosted by Sojo Art Museum Sacramento- Moderator Alpha Bruton 
Some of these local convening’s have grown into cohesive, organized emerging leader networks, been the catalyst for the development of community wide cultural plans, and helped to shape local arts advocacy by connecting the cultural sector with the business community and political leadership. This local tool empowers arts administrators to take a leadership role in their own community by both designing programming and galvanizing their peers to connect professionally.

Moderator Nat McLin of Critic's Corner- at Little Black Pearl 2008
Creative Conversations and the Arts Action Fund
In 2016, Creative Conversations are once again partnering with the Arts Action Fund to generate increased energy around the grassroots movement to elevate the profile of the arts in America. By hosting and/or participating in a Creative Conversation, you will automatically receive Free Advocate membership to the Arts Action Fund at no cost whatsoever. Members of the Arts Action Fund receive timely action alerts and the electronic version of the quarterly Arts Action News publication by e-mail.
All projects will be profiled during the 2016  National Arts & Humanities Month

"Art is Business"