Bat 17 New Addition Table Painting

Reposted for Andrew Delarosa for Bat 17 Table Painting Contest
As the new year arrives, the expansion of Bat 17 grows closer. As you know, Bat 17 is taking the large space adjacant to our existing space. The planned opening is sometime this spring, hopefully early spring. We are inviting all art minded individuals to submit a sketch for the purpose of painting one of our new table tops.
The table top size is a traditional door size...3' x 6'8". The winners will be able to permantely have their painting on display in Bat 17 as one of our table tops.
You can sign the top and show off your work for years to come. The work must be done prior to opening and sketches must be submitted by 2/1/2013. Table tops must be primed painted and sealed. Bat 17 will own the tables and the work must be completed at the artist expense (time, paint, sealer, etc).
Any questions call Jim or Jim at 847-733-7117.
800.999.DELI (3354)