AXIS 2013 International Art Festival

Silent Auction! at the Arts Club of Chicago- Saturday April 20, 2013, 7pm - 9:30pm-  tickets can be pre-purchased at This event is a fundraiser to support free tickets for neighborhood schools and students in CPS art programs.

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In 2013, Prak-Sis Contemporary Art Association is pleased to announce Axis 2013 International Art Festival, Prak Sis Annual Art Festival from May 2nd – May 5th, 2013. This festival, subtitled Royal&Loyal, will take place in the Northcenter neighborhood at the Ravenswood Event Center (address: 4011 N. Ravenswood, Chicago IL using a total of four spaces: a) the Billboard Atrium; b) the Loft; c) the Billboard Showroom; and d) the Industrial Ballroom. A stimulating variety of work and media will be displayed, with an expected guest list of approximately 50,000 community members and visitors from throughout Chicago land. Prak-sis is committed to having a broad attendance by offering the art festival events at little or NO COST to the community and general public.

Please contact us if you have any question regarding your involvement in AXIS 2013 at
Prak-Sis Contemporary Art Association
1917 W. Irvingpark Rd
Chicago, IL 60613

+1 312-459-8475

Annual International Art Festival
By Prak-Sis CAA