Veterans for Peace.

"Art is Business" Re-posted for Ayala Leyser, artist

Hello Artists!
Still calling for Art for the next show at my Out of Line studio/gallery in Chicago. My gallery focuses on progressive themes, and full multi-media events.
The next show/event : "Peace, War and more War", is sceduled for March- April. Besides visual art it will host music and some poetry relevant to the topic.
  • No commission charged on sales, but artists are encouraged to donate a small percentage of sales to Veterans against War, a multi-cause progressive organization.
  • A $25 - $40 installation/hanging fee will apply pending on size and number of pieces admitted. This fee includes a full reception event, drinks, food poetry and music relevant to theme. Application is free. More detail on:
Feel free to apply/enter any work pertaining to theme (anti war, anti invasion, anti violence) by emailing an photo, a title, description and a very brief artist statement to: .
Looking forward to see your work, you can mail a hard copy to:
Ayala Leyser, artist
Out of Line Art Gallery
2812 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622