Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Phillip Bernal Design and Fine Art Consultant

"Art is Business"
Phantom Gallery Chicago welcomes Phillip Bernal- Owner, Phillip Bernal Design and Fine Art Consultant Phil and I met through Ernie Constantino, Director of Constituent Services, 47th Ward Alderman Pawar’s Office, we serve on the OpenWall Committee, and the subcommittee for Popup Storefront's in the 47thWard: Irving Park, N. Lincoln, Damen, and Lawrence Corridors.  The 47th Ward has Community Day on Wednesdays  from 3pm - 8pm, at 4243 N. Lincoln Avenue, 60618, call ahead for an appointment 773-549-4555.  Our subcommittee volunteer office hours are on Wednesday from 11am - 3pm in the Ward office.

Yes, this is an advertisement for Phil, he comes onboard to coordinate artists and curators this Fall, look for him and our new gallery development on the N. Sheridan area of Edgewater this coming August - September. got a great idea for exhibiting you can contact Phil.

Can I say more about him? Sure but look for him in the coming months, proposals for installations can be submitted to the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network for Chicago Artists Month 5' x 5'. at

The successful curatorial candidates will ensure that the following goals of the project are met:
  • Creatively activate spaces and sites to attract residents and visitors to explore Chicago's visual arts scene.
  • Showcase works of art that are innovative and engage participants and audiences in dynamic, interactive, and creative ways
  • Provide opportunities for artists to experiment with approaches not possible through permanent public art commissions.

My experience working with non-profits.

The following is lists of organizations that I have leant my talents. I will start from the most recent and back track. I am currently working the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network in developing an initiative for the 47th Wall, Pop Up galleries, 2013 Miller Beach Arts & Business District, in Miller Beach Indiana, a group of artists, and art organization that have formed an ad hoc committee formulated to develop art incubators for the City of Gary Indiana. Red Dress Foundation: creating elegant parties to support HIV education and prevention. Lakeside Development CDC: An affordable housing advocacy organization tin the Rodgers Park area a Ville Pop-up gallery in Andersonville for holiday season of 2011, TPAN; Test positive awareness: and HIV prevention and serving the inner city. Guild Complex: a literary or furthering the benefits of literature to youth. Unity in Chicago: curated private art gallery with sales funding outreach programs. Alternatives: an org committee to helping at rick inner city your and women’s shelter. Leather Archives: a museum and depository dedicated to the sexual history urban populations. Art against Aids: an annual black tie art auction at the Drake Hotel to fund Weiss Hospital Aids care programs. Stop Aids Chicago: an A HIV prevention and outreach organization. BNI: Business Network International. a business networking org who helps small business gain a foot hold in their market.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Get Archived! for Public Dialogue

"Art is Business" -  Reposted from SIFC

Saturday, Aug. 3rd // 12-4pm
Washington Park Arts Incubator, 301 E. Garfield Blvd., Chicago, IL

The Public Dialogue Series is inspired by an ever-increasing interest in the role that artists, creative professionals, cultural organizations and anchor institutions play in the growth and fostering of communities - with a specific focus on the urban landscape, both the built environment and spaces in between. Sixty joins Public Dialogue to offer Washington Park artists and residents the opportunity to share their stories through the Sixty Inches from Center Archives Washington Park program. Learn more about getting archived with Sixty...

Monday, July 8, 2013

Membership Kick Off Fundraising 2013 -2014

"Art is Business"
Every year curators from the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network begins its fundraising by contracting professional artists, art coordinators, community based organizations supporting the arts, and other consultants to research and jointly apply for grant opportunities.  This year we have the opportunity to form partnerships with the African American Historical and Cultural Museum of the San Joaquin Valley, the Visual Arts Development Project, and the Placer Arts Council a State and Local Partner.

In this past year alone, Phantom Gallery Chicago Network began a research project that explored historical documents discovered in a Recording Secretary’s journal of the NAACP dating 1936-1943; processed cataloged events; the investigator created digital archives, and photographed markers that were mentioned in the journal. Co-sponsored a Retreat, and explored the possibility of “Land Trust”.
Inner Generational Project, "land trust" Retreat in Auburn, VADP Sponsored

This year, our goal is to raise $50,000 for operational support"

We seeking operational support by contributions of non-federal funds or in-kind services and materials or any combination thereof.  An in-kind match refers to the fair market monetary value of any allocation by your organization or contribution by outside organizations or individuals of labor, materials, goods or services to the project. It can include salaried staff time; volunteer hours; office space; use of equipment for administrative or programmatic purposes; materials donated (e.g., for publicity, promotion or evaluation); public program supplies, including refreshments; and travel, lodging, and meals for project staff or participants.

We hope you will join us in reaching our fundraising goal.  A simple donation can be made online at , or you can also send a check payable to Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, PO Box 2956, Chicago IL   60690-2956.
Art Education Artists in Residence Projects
For more information, please contact me directly at,
or 773-681-6570.  We sincerely thank you for your time and continued support.
The Phantom Gallery Chicago Network is registered under both the Charitable Trust and the Solicitation for Charity Act, and is assigned a registration number CO#- 01063500.

Alpha Bruton
Chief Curator