Edgewater Fall Art Fair 2013

"Art is Business"

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Edgewater Fall Art Fair 2013

On September 28 & 29, Edgewater Artists in Motion will host the first Edgewater Fall Art Fair on Granville Avenue, between Broadway and Winthrop.
After four years of turning Edgewater into a walk-through gallery with art displays in vacant storefronts and small art-focused street events, we felt we needed to take the next big step to help grow the neighborhood as an artistic destination.

Edgewater is a wonderfully diverse, resilient and creative community, influenced by the direct access to the lake. But many people don’t know about this neighborhood and what it has to offer. It’s not a “what you see is what you get” kind of place.

In a sense, our community is very much like art: You have to explore its many layers to truly understand it. And there is no better way to discover the spirit of Edgewater than through art…which is why Edgewater Artists in Motion exists.

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