Art of Forbidden Fruits

"Art is Business" curator Philip Bernal
I'm often asked, What is art supposed to do? My 10 sec, response is: a work of art be it solid or sound in the air, will take your mind on a magical journey into your Soul. and what we find there may cause us joy or rage..... and our job is to know both with EVERY fiber of our being only then can we feel empathy, the highest brain function of mankind.
 Downtown Bar and Lounge.
Photography by Carlos Deleon


BRAND NEW event coming to Chicago in 2014 during the weekend of IML. Showcasing works of Fetish and Erotic art of international and local artists.
Art of Forbidden Fruits: a show of fine art depicting the sensual side of Fetish in a sexual context. Our aim to provoke the imagination in the realm of possibility, to take the secrets we all have and through open the blinds and shine a light on the beauty that is our lives....
This is a brand new art gallery event in partnership with IML and the Chicago Leather Archives. Art of Forbidden Fruits is all about artwork thats showcases the local fetish and erotic community in Chicago. We will be displaying local artists work at different venues throughout the city. Check the page often to see when you can check out some talented local artwork.