PopUp Research Station- HatchFund Project

"Art is Business" curator Alpha Bruton 

Our HatchFund Project fundraising timeline has been extended, to June 10, 2014. Why is this project important to you? We envision the project as a portal for shared knowledge, a  resource of best practices, ongoing professional development, and a place for moral support to enhance our collective impact locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Phantom Gallery Chicago and Phantom Galleries LA have come together with the intent to create a network of support for artists and arts organizations who are engaged in temporary public art installations in storefronts that engage community response. 

We see the Pop-Up Research Station as the portal to documenting our legacy, which we hope will give emerging artists and arts organizers the necessary skills to advance their creative visions. We have over twenty years education to offer from our own research and development. We have also learned from artists who have carved out their own niches, built new communities from empty storefront, and developed monthly art walks.

International Art Group "Artist Dinner" at Mess Hall in Chicago
"Wash Your Hands First"  is a communal dinner served in a pop up storefront gallery in the donors hometown. The dinner will be a place for discussion examining the relationships between local communities and their role in creating access to the arts. The first five donors to contribute funds $1,000 or more will be our VIP guest, the table runner will be an original piece painted by the featured artist.

The Pop-Up Research Station will host a national conversation formatted as an online summit, starting in 2014. The conference and recorded podcasts will be more candid, but will include facts and figures.  The talks will focus on real discussions about the problems we face as artists and arts organizers in temporary public spaces, the use of our intellectual property, and how it is used to cultivate urban renewal. 

Dan  Godston, Executive Director of Borderbend Arts Collective, has proposed a project with artists in Detroit, to open a storefront gallery during Chicago Calling Arts Festival in October 2014. I have proposed to broadcast and glean information as a PopUp Research Station, and use this gallery as one of our sites for the online summit. Borderbend proposed a project in partnership with Detroit, through the Knight Arts Challenge,  finalists will be announced on Monday, June 16, 2014. Finalist are then invited to submit a full proposal this is a 1:1 matching grant.

In order to start the Pop-Up Research Station, we need a minimum of $5,000, which will go towards materials, administrative fees, and travel costs. Anything that we raise over our minimum goal will go towards additional administrative fees as well as perk costs.

Please help us realize our dream to create the Pop-Up Research Station by donating today!

Thank you so much for your support.