Pop Up Research Station- FUNDED

Pop Up Research Station: UPDATE: WE DID IT! YES WE ARE FUNDED $2,555 WE  MET 50% OF OUR GOAL JUNE 10, 2014.

We will host our first annual online seminar in October during Chicago Artists Month, and launch our monthly panel discussions beginning in July. Our next step is to glean support by featuring host cities on our blogtalkradio station. Dates are forth coming.

Funds raised during this campaign on Hatchfund will go directly to hosting services, website development, and administrative costs. Anything that we raised over our minimum goal will go towards the development of our long term goals, which include online consulting services, grants for pop-up start ups, how-to toolkits, training workshops, and free location sourcing.
Artist Dinner hosted by AnySquare March 14,2014
Our top donor is from Lakeland Georgia,  I will be flying into Ray City Georgia this summer to host this dinner and connecting with artists from the area to attend a "Wash Your Hands First Communal Dinner."
Wash Your Hands First a communal dinner served in a pop up storefront gallery in the donors hometown. The dinner will be a place for discussion examining the relationships between local communities and their role in creating access to the arts.
$25- I will be putting your print in the mail and thanking you for your support shortly.
8 1/2" x 11" copy of a Vibrational Sound Narrative from 2009 series. These paintings were created live during various performances of creative musicians of chicago.
$100- The copperplate pulls will go to three donors- high five this gets me back into the studio, the plate is currently in Mather California, and I will be flying out this fall to pull the image, using the printmaking studio at California State University of Sacramento, where I am an alumni.
An original one of a kind print pulled from a copperplate I etched 27 years ago. Size of the print 18" x 22" unframed.
Archived catalogued from Berlin Chicago Kaleidoscope Connecting Cultures read about a group of artists from Chicago touring together and presenting pop up galleries in Pankow and Mauersegler Park in Berlin.
$500 - my co-investigator from Los Angeles will be selecting an archived poster from her collection and shipping these to our two $500 donors.
Archived posters Phantom Gallery LA, profiling popup gallery projects in Los Angeles County.