Art on Armitage at the 2015 SUPERMARKET

"Art is Business" Curator Mary Ellen Croteau

When the dealers in Sweden first announced they were going to have an art fair in 2007 that would be all about selling, and be the largest in the Nordic countries and put them on the map, yadda yadda, the ARTISTS of Stockholm said NO it is not about the money, it is about the ART. So they put on an alternative fair that year  in a storefront and called it "Minimarket."
The next year they got a bigger space and planned with the artist-run spaces around Sweden and called it Supermarket. The next year it was collectives from around Europe. By the fourth year (the first time I went) they were putting out a call for artist-run initiatives from around the world and were getting significant support from the city and Swedish government. This is the fair we will be attending.
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Welcome to Supermarket 2015!

Supermarket is an art fair run by artists. Artist-run galleries and similar initiatives from around the world exhibit hundreds of artists at Telefonplan in Stockholm. With its clear mission and its programme for networking meetings, Supermarket has become a unique platform for Swedish and international artists.
Exhibition: Supermarket 2015 presents 64 artist-run initiatives from 29 countries. Meet galleries from Syria, Mexico, Palestine, Iran, Argentina, Turkey and many more. Complete list of exhibitors:
The seminar programme TALKS and the performance stage RED SPOT:
We cast this year’s theme of representation and invisibility upon the art world, with a gender and norm-critical perspective. This year the TALKS seminar programme examine ‘Invisibility – who represents who?’ in which we investigate which artists are educated, which artists are selected and where the interpretative prerogative lies.
RED SPOT shows performance acts by Swedish and international artists, this year from Estonia, Spain, Ireland and Finland.
Talks and performances will take place in three places, within Supermarket’s venue Svarta Huset and at Konstfack.

Complete programme:
When? 16–19 April 2015.
Opening hours Thursday–Friday 11–20, SaturdaySunday 12–20.
Where? Svarta Huset, Telefonplan. Next to Konstfack.
Admission: SEK 120
Admission including catalogue/magazine: SEK 150 (SEK 120 for students/ seniors)
4-day Pass including catalogue/magazine: SEK 200
Catalogue/magazine: SEK 100
Children under 16 free admission!
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