Svarta Huset, Telefonplan, Stockholm

"Art is Business" Curator Alan Emerson Hicks

Art on Armitage arrived today in Stockholm, as ambassadors for Chicago, and our artists run galleries. Off on Tuesday to Stockholm where Kathy Weaver will be exhibiting in Supermarket 2015 with Art On Armitage along with Mary Ellen Croteau, Alpha M. Bruton, Alan Emerson Hicks, Ayala Leyser and Rose Camastro Pritchett.

AOA has been exhibiting art of all disciplines in a window gallery on a busy Chicago street since 2003. The goal is to make contemporary art available and accessible to all. Exhibits change monthly, and the gallery has featured local, national and international artists. The space is especially suited to installation and performance. Exchanges and residencies are encouraged. -

Alan Emerson Hicks, "Tower"
Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair is happy to announce that we are moving to a new venue on a new date. Previously held in February, Supermarket 2015 will take place at Svarta Huset (The Black Box), located in the intensively creative area of Telefonplan, from April 16th to 19th 2015.
Because of the change of venue Supermarket 2015 will be more focused: but it will still be a truly international art fair. We will show art from 28 countries. Argentina, Tanzania, Iran and Palestine are countries that will be represented for the first time at Supermarket 2015.

“After five years at Kulturhuset we feel like it’s time for renewal. We’re very excited to move to Telefonplan, it really is a creative environment that keeps developing all the time. It will suit Supermarket perfectly”, says Project Manager Andreas Ribbung, one of the three artists that run Supermarket.
The Supermarket TALKS programme offers seminars and debates about representation in the arts, which is next years theme. Who is visible?

Supermarket will present the performance stage RED SPOT, which shows new, innovative performance art from all over the world. Supermarket will also be broadcasting Super-TV, creating the opportunity to follow the fair online. Supermarket Art Magazine, now in its fifth edition, will be available as a guide to and record of the fair’s diversity and strength.
Supermarket 2015 will be at a new venue – Svarta Huset (The Black Box)
Supermarket 2015 offers a not-to-be-missed week for all lovers of international contemporary art!
Normal rose pritchett
Rose Camastro Pritchett- "Cocoons"
Normal me croteau
"Endless Columns"- Mary Ellen

Normal nelson armour
Amour- "Photo Montage"
Normal kathy weaver
Kathy Weaver- "Surveillance Tower"
Normal lelda kalmite
"Runway to Nowhere"- Kalmite