Inner-galactic Pop Up Research Station

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Inner-galactic Pop Up Research Station Call for Artist.  
How do you envision the future present? 

 A group of practitioners are needed to come together who encapsulate all forms of media for the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, Inner-galactic Pop Up Research Station in Chicago for Chicago Artists Month. The installations will travel to Miami, FL during Art  Basel, December 3-6th 2015.

Phantom gallery invites submissions to
, perform, absorb, embrace, discuss, experience, and explore in  2D and 3D formats in a select  location, in Chicago, during Chicago Artists Month,  a podcast about the Popup Research Station  will be sent to other Phantom Gallery affiliates in our network. A slideshow of participating artists’ pieces will accompany artist and curator commentary as the post show online catalog.

Submit up to 5 images (jpegs) to phantomgallerychicago@gmail.
com with a brief statement on how your work addresses this theme.

Deadline Nov 1, 2015.

 EXAMPLES OF the Built Environment Installation:
Nick Bastis Featured Artist for Chicago Artists Month, 2010
 The building is the work of American Architect Frank Gehry and a magnificent example of the most ground breaking architecture to have come out of the 20th century.  For more information visit . Thanks to Nick he added East Garfield Park to the major international cultural circuits.

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Last year Google built out the third Kirkland building with a transportation theme. The lobby has an espresso bar designed to look like a cruise ship, ...

The Parliament-Funkadelic Mothership is a 1,200-pound aluminum stage prop that once stole the show at funk singer George Clinton's concerts.

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Sirota thinks that projects like The Mothership, which keep the city's history alive, are essential for Detroit in a time of major upheaval, 

Detroit architecture studio Akoaki's space age DJ booth, The Mothership, looks towards the future while referencing important moments from the city's musical past. The free standing booth is meant to be mobile, bringing funk music to pop up events around the city, and was inspired by George Clinton's P Funk Mother ship prop that was used on stage with the musician's legendary band, Parliament-Funkadelic (who hail from Detroit).

The colorful inside is fully equipped with a mixer, laptop, table and speakers on a metal platform a few feet off the ground, while outside, it's outfitted with smoke machines and lights to give it the appearance of a landing spaceship.

In addition to referencing the city's musical past, the shiny metallic outside of The Mothership used car customization techniques, an homage to Detroit's biggest industry. "We're blinging the surface with polished gold vinyl and dichroic film. 

The result is a glistening exterior that purposefully couples popular embellishment with psychedelic interior effects," Akoaki's co-founder Anya Sirota told Dezeen. The project was the first installation created for the O.N.E. Mile Project, an effort to revitalize Detroit's North End.




“Keep Bringing the Fu

Inner-galactic Pop Up Research Station in Miami, FL during Art & Soul Basel, December 3-6th 2015.