DARE TO IMAGINE- Emissaries from the Future

"Art is Business", Alpha Bruton

Hello!  I just signed up to take part in this amazing and creative action called #DareToImagine that the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture (not an official government agency) is organizing this October and I would like you to join me! Are you ready to spark some radical imagination as an Emissary from the Future?

And here is an Email you can send to your friends, or just copy and paste the email below.

Copy and paste this email to friends to spread the word:
Subject: Join me and #DareToImagine

Visit http://usdac.us/emissary?source=email& to sign up and receive a free toolkit full of creative activities and tips, access to online training and 1-1 assistance, and the opportunity to put your Imagination Station (and all that it yields) on the map, connecting local visions to a national dialogue. You can sign up to host an Imagination Station as an individual or as a group/organization.

From October 10-18, 2015, Emissaries from the Future will create Imagination Stations nationwide—popping up in parks, classrooms, galleries, conferences, farmer's markets and beyond for this large-scale act of collective imagination. Using creative tactics, Emissaries will engage people in envisioning the world they hope to inhabit and—looking back from the future—celebrating the work they did to get there. The resulting texts, images, videos, and more will be uploaded to an online platform, yielding a crowd-sourced vision of the future, inspiring art, policy, and community action.

If you've been wanting to get more involved with creatively shaping our future, now's a perfect opportunity. If you’re eager to spark change or you work with an organization seeking to engage the public in exciting new ways, sign up as an Emissary from the Future today! When we have the audacity to dream in public, when we begin to unleash imagination and turn it into action, we can move the world.

Indeed, the future belongs to those who #DareToImagine.

Head to http://usdac.us/emissary?source=email& to join me!