"Art is Business" reposted for Lavon N. Pettis

This week my grandfather Mr. John "Southside Soul" Wright released his autobiography.  His first book signing will take place on November 12, 2015 at the Carleton Hotel in Oak Park, Illinois.   WDCB JOHN WRIGHT BOOK SIGNING

  Please order a hard copy or download the book at this link 
John A. Wright, a well known Chicago based musician, and internationally renowned recording artist recognizes that his life has truly been nothing less than a blessed one. Legally blind since 2004, the story of his life as told by the man himself, told of a man with more vision and purpose than most sighted individuals. “It was like a Jazz History class, each time I set his words to paper!” John A. Wright is so much more than just a man Who plays the piano with a passion that will make you sizzle, but after reading this book, you will come to know the man behind the music, and see why he is more than South Side Soul, as he is known by. You will know why he is a truly BLESSED MAN.