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KROMA Art Space Welcomes the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network

"Art is Business" Thursday Dec 3, 2015 opening of 12'x12'

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Network Galleries: The main sector, featuring established independent, artists/curators.The main sector, featuring established independent, artists/curators.

The African American Museum of Nassau County. Agent/Curator Minna Dunn representing the works of Ernani Silva, is our Nova: curators presenting recent works by one, two, three represented artists. 

The mission of the African American Museum of Nassau County is to educate and promote understanding  and  appreciation  of  African  American  culture, art  and tradition through education, interpretation, exhibitions, collections, and programs for the enrichment of the public; with an emphasis on Long Island. The museum’s vision is to become the outstanding regional resource for African American historical information.

Artist Ernani Silva
Rahmaan Statik
Rahmaan Statik Barnes is being featured in the main sector, featuring established independent, artists/curators. A collection of murals, graffiti productions, and public art from Rahmaan Statik Barnes. 
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(305) 446-5150   3670 Grand Avenue • 
Coconut Grove, FL 33133
A new collective art space located on Grand Avenue in the heart of Coconut Grove consisting of 18 artist studios and a communal gallery space.

As a premiere arts incubator and the latest initiative of the Collaborative Development Corporation in partnership with the Barlington Group, KROMA will host exhibits showcasing the myriad of perspectives that are a result of the African diaspora and beyond. KROMA looks to advance the knowledge and practice of the arts through education and programming, which will not only enrich the lives of the community, but further develop the careers of resident artists.

Urban Arts International Art Fair

urban-arts-week-logo-pngUrban Arts International Art Fair will be held from November 16th, 2015 through January 15th, 2016 [within the time frame of Art Basel Miami] at KROMA Art Space, in Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida.

Urban Arts is spearheaded by Urban Arts Week, LLC, a collaborative organization with the highest levels of artistic skill and passion for quality consisting of KROMA Art Space and Iris PhotoCollective, LLC. Urban Arts will showcase over 25 international renowned artists within various disciplines examining the tussle and lure of the urban landscape.

What is it about the urbanization of our dreams that has caused the large migration of people of color from their birthplace? Our objective is to provide a global answer through visual representations in fine art photography, paintings, sculptures, and mix-media. We also aim to depict a dynamic Miami that attracts affluent and wealthy art aficionados and is a major platform for the presentation of panel discussions, lectures and activities favorable to issues that challenge the arts and involve primary, secondary, post-graduate students and academic instructors.

  • J.S. Rashid, Collaborative Development Corp
  • Julia Polonyi, KROMA Promotions Director
  • Alpha Bruton, Phantom Gallery Chicago, Chief Curator
  • Lavon N. Pettis, Global Resources ID, Project Management