A Visual Celebration of the Sonic Soul Experience Miami Art Week

Abstract Rhythm and Blues: 
"Keep bring the funk"
Fanta Celah

DURING : Miami Art Week
December 3 -6th, 2015 

Alan Emerson Hicks-

Renee Baker-

Nicholas Conlon-
Gabriel Patti

Victoria Fuller-
Contributing Artists:
Alan Emerson Hicks- Renee Baker-Alpha Bruton- Fanta Celah-Nicholas Conlon-Zeph Farmby, Victoria Fuller- Christine.Ilewsk-Shonna McDaniels-Gabriel Patti- Rahamma Statik, Liz Tuckwell. 
Shonna McDaniels
Christine.Ilewsk, Faces Not Forgotten Project

Lavon N. Pettis Private Collection: Donnie Carter, Najjar Abdul Musawwir, Rodney Wade, Michael Anthony Young

Michael Anthony Young

Rodney Wade

The African American Museum of Nassau County. Agent/Curator Minna Dunn 
representing the works of Ernani Silva.


Rahmaan Statik Barnes is being featured in the main sector, featuring established independent, artists/curators.