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 Art Talks Online Radio by Phantom Gallery Chicago Network | BlogTalkRadio
Art Talk and Panel discussion at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, CA
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Jennifer Andrea Porras, speaker presenting Art & Activism panel @ the Crocker.
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Art Talk in Sacramento California, Sojo Art Museum Presenters


Move remove Place Displace program, MRPD, is a program that happened during Chicago Calling Arts Festival 2015. October 1 - October 10th, and ongoing through December 2015. This is a critical intenerary in collaboration with Pilsen... more

" Najjar Abdul-Musawwir is an internationally acclaimed artist who has exhibited extensively throughout the United States, Africa, Asia and Europe. He is a tenured Associate Professor in the School of Art and Design at Southern Illinois... more

The motivation/problem that Creative Currency seeks to address is te deficit in civility and compassion that is currently rampant in our communities. We all experience this every day when we come into contact with our fellow humans.... more

Last September 2014, artist Alpha Bruton began networking with artist Christine Ilewski-Huelsmann of St. Louis Missouri, who is the author of the, ?Faces Not Forgotten? project, painting the portraits of children who have died, the victims... more

Nicholas Conlon was born Nicholas Daniel Farelli in 1975. Without elaborating on that too much; He was born in the infirmary of a penitentiary in a "town" that didn't exist. 10 years later he was adopted by his step-father Patrick Joseph Conlon.... more

The Participatory Music Coalition began as the sonic subcommittee of the MB Collective, a theater, performance, visual and community collective of artists integrating diverse performative traditions, especially with respect to the South... more

Inner-galactic Pop Up Research Station will be a portal in the built environment a place for curators and artists, to envision the future present? Those new to the world of creative place making. These installations produce "Creative... more