Something from Nothing- John Bambino

"Art is Business"

Guerrilla Marketing, "Bag of Free Art"- Something for nothing is his brand. We all were standing outside of  Art Miami, and John Bambino walked up to our sidewalk gathering spot. RM, and Dy Seven of BAIA, Lavon Pettis and I were toasting before we went into inhale art.   "James Brown" was on the stereo. Need I say more.

 Before John departed to heading to Wynwood, and other art happenings, he invited each of us to reach into his bag and grab an original piece of

RM, DY Seven, Lavon Pettis, Alpha Bruton

3. Free Stuff, is one of the strategy's that Guerrilla marketers strongly use to promote business. Free swag always gets people’s attention. Slap your logo or website or other branding materials on something fun and people will happily take it home. Pens, t-shirts, refrigerator magnets…it can be anything.

The potential for guerrilla marketing ideas is really only limited by your imagination. Think of it as a sort of performance art. If you can dream up some free item that’s somehow related to your business and also fun for the customer, then you’ve got a winner.

Original "Free Art" by John Bambino