Transcultural Black Presence 2015 in Overtown

"Art is Business" by Lavon N. Pettis

Photo Credit @Najee Dorsey Black Art In America 

The last two years I have spent the first week of December in Miami for a residency in the Overtown community at Art Africa!   I want to thank Miami architect & developer Neil Hall for the opportunity to participate!   Also I want to acknowledge all of the hard work of the staff, administrators, and citizens of Overtown for making Art Africa a successful and significant exhibition! Musically & Artistically Yours,  Lavon Pettis

N. Hutchinson

Hersey's Essence, Najjar Abdul-Musawwir

Photo Credit Yvette Harris

Youth Engagement

Photo Credit Yvette Harris

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"Black Art Neighborhoods are the new cool at Art Basel" as cited by