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Call For Artist- Culture Bridge 2017

"Art is Business" Posted for Marianna Buchwald International Art Group


Feb.18. - March 18. 2017

Dank Haus, Scharpenberg Gallery

4740 N. Western, 4th Floor, Chicago IL 60625

“Culture Bridge” 2017 "KULTURBRUECKE", a culture bridge of musicians, painters, dancers, sculptors, and photography/video/film artists. In 2016, the International Art Group Chicago featured more than 50 artists from 5 different continents, and presented  a broad range of artworks with an intention to deepen cross-cultural ties.

This year’s exhibit will be curated by Alpha Bruton, Chief Curator of the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, and Marianna Buchwald, Director and Founder of the International Art Group.
All artists interested in participating in the 2017 exhibition, send your prospectus to Marianna Buchwald, Director of International Art Group,,  Subject Culture Bridge.
A $40 Application Fee is due BY January 18, 2017, Paypal donation button can be found at:
or mail check, or money order to: 
Phantom Gallery Chicago Network/ CO Alpha Bruton, PO Box 2956, Chicago IL 60653.

Please call  Marianna Buchwald 773 507 1300 with questions are if you are interested in volunteering on a committee, helping to host one of the events, or soliciting for donations.
This project is supported in part by:

“Culture Bridge” 2017

Name of Artist:
Twitter Handle:
Facebook Fan Page:
Artist(s) Bio/Statement (write a statement about your work in general and your process in 250 Max)


  • Curriculum Vitae please include your name, address, phone number and email address along with exhibition and educational background.
  • Please include a Web site links of your work along with 5- JPGS, please label all jpeg images. The jury will reserve the right to select work from the submissions of 5 images.
  • For video work: For curatorial previewing, please supply you YouTube Station, Video segment should be no longer than 3 minutes and cued to the appropriate segment for panel to view. Time-based media, video art or documentation of performance art, should be submitted. Please do not submit videos of documentation of artistic process.
  • For live art: web site links that document previous work; title, and a description of content and concept of proposed work.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

WHO IS RENEE BAKER? Author of Cipher Conduit Linguistics

Renee Baker's Blu' City Documentary

WHO IS RENEE BAKER? Author of Cipher Conduit Linguistics


Renee' Baker is founding music director and conductor of the internationally acclaimed Chicago Modern Orchestra Project (CMOP), a polystylistic organization that grew from the plums of classical music as well as jazz. A member of the world renown collective Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians.

Critical acclaim for her graphic scores novels has come from performances in Berlin, Poland, London, Scotland and as far reaching as Vietnam.

As a disruptive composer and visual artist, there are few barriers to the creative turns of this composer, conductor, artist, and instrumentalist. As a featured ensemble, CMOP has been chosen to work with NewMusicUSA and the EarShot program of the American Composers Orchestra.

An expert at ensemble development and training, Renee’ developed the Mantra Blue Free Orchestra (Chicago), PEK' Contemporary Project (Berlin), the progenitor of Bleueblue Walkers/Bass Kollektief, Twilight Struggles (Berlin) as well as being involved in starting over 20 cutting edge new music ensembles. Among them: TUNTUI, Wrinkled Linen, Chocolate Chitlin' Caucus, Red Chai Watch, FAQtet, Project 6, Renee' Baker's AWAKENING, Baker ArTet, a Butoh ensemble BODY STRATA, and Strings Attached.

Ms. Baker has performed globally from Bimhuis (Amsterdam) to Symphony Center (Chicago) and was a founding member as well as Principal Violist of Chicago Sinfonietta for 26 years Ms. Baker has composed over two thousand works for ensembles ranging from pieces for solo instruments, ballet, opera to large orchestral works that bridge the classical, jazz and creative music genres. Her ability to embrace various creative parameters in her work has led to commissions for the Chicago Sinfonietta, Berlin International Brass, PEK’ Contemporary Project, and DanceWright Project, among others.

As a disruptive force in composition, Ms. Baker’s eclectic visual score compositions led her to create a gestured conducting language she calls CCL/FLOW (Cipher Conduit Linguistics), which she employs when working with numerous cutting edge groups in Cologne, Berlin, Netherlands, London, Chicago, Portland (OR), and other ensembles around the world.

A further aspect of her composition skills is the development of her painted score exploratorium pieces for ensembles of variable sizes. Ms Baker is also in demand as a lecturer and expert in nontraditional composition techniques, as well as large ensemble “comprovisation”/ improvisation development.

Aspects of the art world permeate Ms. Baker’s work. Her performance art work SUNYATA:TOWARDS ABSOLUTE EMPTINESS will premiere at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA, Chicago) in May 2015, and her tactile score sculpture works were featured at the MCA Chicago as part of the Sunyata premiere.

Ms. Baker is the composer of four operas. Currently she is working as a film score composer, having composed and released a new score for

Oscar Michaeux's “race film” masterpiece BODY AND SOUL (1925) with the music performed by her Chicago Modern Orchestra Project ensemble.

Called the latest AACM visionary by Downbeat Magazine, Ms. Baker is one of the brightest and most fertile minds in active in composition today.

Renee' C. Baker, Conductor/Composer
Chicago Modern Orchestra Project /PEK'
Contemporary Project
For more information:

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Alan Emerson Hicks Featured Crazy 8 Artists' Carnival

State Street Gallery @ Robert Morris University401 S. State Street, Chicago ILGallery hours Mon- Thu, 10 am - 6 pmShow Runs - Dec 23,

The work of eight Chicago artists working in a wide range of mediums and a wild range of techniques.Interpreting the themes of carnival, circus, and festival, the artists are joined by their exuberant delight in the visual and their unique re-imagining of the world. Curated by artist and curator Jason Messinger and Gallery Director and Dean of Arts Shelley Lamantia, Alan Emerson Hicks, is featured artist in a three month artist in residency during the exhibition.

Gallery Director and Dean of Arts Shelley Lamantia, and Alan Emerson Hicks

Featuring artists Kass Copeland, Alan Emerson Hicks, IZZO, Anne Leuck, Edward Master, Jason Messinger, Anthony Stagg, and Joey Wozniak. 

Gallery Director and Dean of Arts Shelley Lamantia
"Carnival Horse" gets a saddle. I'll work on the tail next and filling in some empty areas.

Alan Emerson Hicks uses found plastic objects and heat-manipulated plastic detritus to create tightly corseted structures of complexity. In his hands ephemeral materials are transformed into complex latticed sculptures, elaborate airy costumes, and unique works of art. Hicks conjures the modern world's everyday plastic objects of dull invisibility into a bright parade of startling singularity and vision.

Monica Moore model

Tyler Hicks., Model
 Mini Clown Sculptures on sale at the gallery store
Mini Clown Sculptures on sale at the gallery store
Crazy 8 Artists’ Carnival showcases 

Kass Copeland creates large graphic photo collages referencing by-gone eras and surrealistic tableaus. Both droll and serious, her works are constructed with humorous juxtapositions and garish pleasures while weathered with rich patinas and haunting emotional complexity. They re-invent familiar themes from the circus and the carnival into nostalgic fever dreams. A true master of her materials, Copeland’s artwork is a stage craft of delight.

IZZO unleashes fantastic images on printed-pattern fabric that bridge foreground with background, abstraction with representation, and the flat plane with spatial depth. Alternately embellishing and obscuring the existing fabric patterns, this suite of works focuses on the idea of dizzying love. IZZO fashions images into funhouse rides of joyful exuberance.

Anne Leuck uses her emotional and observed life as a jumping off point to create narratives that charm with their fresh immediacy and universal joy. Using crisp bold colors and a signature graphic style, she exposes a world both intimate and newly seen. In this collection she renders sideshow banners out of her own anxieties of physical aging. Leuck turns her own vulnerabilities into sideshow marvels of the human condition.

Edward Master paints hallucinatory patterned visions astounding in their complexity and richness, referencing natural and man-made motifs, along with decorative and ornamental traditions. With a bewildering level of detail one seemingly hovers above the work, sensing both a microscopic viewpoint and an overwhelming vastness. Swooping in layered complexity, Master’s artworks are a carnival ride for the eye.

Jason Messinger creates ceramic tile murals and sculptures of bright colors and wry content. His sculptures twist and turn with organic yearning and figurative sensibility, creating abstract interpretations of famous sideshow acts. His tile murals vibrate between sneaky humor and abstract beauty - commenting on the lexicons of the circus and the carnival. Utilizing the materials of ceramic and richly colored glazes, Messinger’s artwork is its own circus act.

Anthony Stagg allows his artwork to speak in the language of the street, utilizing tropes as far ranging as graffiti styles to comic book archetypes. Melding pop culture references with fantastical vignettes, the artist exposes a wry observation of the modern world. His non-judgmental viewpoint is both open and humorous, retro and contemporary. Stagg invites you into his own festival of life.

Joey Wozniak pushes, scrapes and layers vibrant color paints to create densely rendered landscapes with an underlying energy bursting below the surface. Bridging a physical approach to the physicality of paint with a masterful understanding of the stimulus of color, the artist crafts joyful scenes in riotous hues. Rich with references to classical architecture and peopled with characters from a wide sampling of cultures, Wozniak constructs his own unique post-modern jubilees.

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The Arts & Our Social Fabric by Lavon Pettis | USA | Global Creativity Magazine

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The Arts & Our Social Fabric by Lavon Pettis | USA | Global Creativity Magazine

Chicago building site shovels


An exhibit featuring new works: Art Books, Paintings, and Wall Sculpture. 

The Phantom Gallery Chicago Network is proud to announce Renee Baker as guest- artist in residency. Her residency took place June 1st– December 31, 2016. She worked directly with Phantom Gallery Chicago’s chief curator Alpha Bruton, and Alan Emerson Hicks. The Phantom Gallery Chicago provided  technical and administrative support, for the creation of new works and the exploration of new ideas with an exhibition at the end of the residency.

As a disruptive force in composition, Ms. Baker’s eclectic visual score compositions led her to create a gestured conducting language she calls CCL/FLOW (Cipher Conduit Linguistics), which she employs when working with numerous cutting edge groups in Cologne, Berlin, Netherlands, London, Chicago, Portland (OR), and other ensembles around the world. 

A further aspect of her composition skills is the development of her painted score exploratorium pieces for ensembles of variable sizes. Ms Baker is also in demand as a lecturer and expert in nontraditional composition techniques, as well as large ensemble “comprovisation”/ improvisation development.

Opening Reception -  Monday, December 19, 2016 7-9pm 

Closing Reception January 22, 3-5pm.

Phantom Gallery Chicago Network
436 E. 47th Street, Room 205
Chicago IL  60653

773-681-6570, Buzz 205 for entry 
RSVP strongly suggested.

Renee' C. Baker, Conductor/Composer
Chicago Modern Orchestra Project /PEK' Contemporary Project
For more information: *

Monday, October 24, 2016

Solomon Adufah | Homeland: Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Winner-Chicago

"Art is Business" reposted from Roe Melloe William Hill Gallery presents
Solomon Adufah | Homeland: Ghana @ whgallery 

William Hill Gallery
6442 S . Dorchester Ave 
Chicago, IL 60637
Hours:  Friday, Saturday and Sunday  11 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
For special appointment call 322-351-0573
Inline image 2

On a dark gloomy day by the shores of Cape Coast, Ghana, after visiting the slave castle, I decided to stroll outside to catch a glimpse of the culture in this town. There were heavy tides in the Atlantic and all the fishermen still by their boats waiting for the gashing waves to calm down. Many filled their waiting time, needling their nets and several playing soccer by the shores. Suddenly from a far distance I saw several kids playing in the water on a tree bark used in a form of a canoe. I watched as they paddled the tree bark back and forth while sailing into the mist. Their courage inspired me to share this moment with them. Much like their bravery on the water, I also thought about my journey of life enduring through harsh circumstances but still persevering. - Forbidden Knowledge III - 

Solomon Adufah was born in Ghana (West Africa) and currently lives in Chicago. He taught himself how to paint 5 years ago. His discipline of art is portrait based with very vibrant colors. His portrait paintings captures expressions and emotions of his subjects. More importantly, it celebrates culture and tradition through the unique lives of the individuals he uses as subjects. More often, Africa is portrayed negatively through mass media. Africa is usually referred as disease infested, rampant wars or poverty. Celebrating the culture and tradition of the native people is his way of sharing their wonderful stories with the world.

The Homeland Series continues in the States with exhibitions of portraits paintings from his travel. The exhibitions serves as a plateau to share and educate the audience celebrating the different culture in which the pieces represent. They are also effective tool for cultural diplomacy to spread goodwill in the world and cultural identity. His exhibition of portraits are incorporated into multi-media exhibits featuring videos, artifacts, and the work of the students from the country he has visited.

He was among 20 of the best artists in Chicago who made it as finalists in the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series curated by Russell and Danny Simmons in 2014. Solomon has created commissioned work presenting to Dr. Cornel West and Dr. Angela Davis on their visit to Southern Illinois University. Solomon Adufah's Homeland Series has gained a great deal of success in the Mid-West and also featured on television segments with WGN, FOx32 Chicago and Channel 7 ABC special "Heart and Soul" all within this year.

Artist Website:

2011: Pink Inc. Gallery, Chicago/ Solo Exhibition
2012: Global Fusion, Chicago/ Solo Exhibition
2013: Norman Gallery, Chicago/ Solo Exhibition
2014: Gallery Guichard, Chicago/ Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series
2015: Crude Creatures Contemporary Gallery, Chicago/ Solo Exhibition
2016: The Bishop Gallery, New York/ Solo Exhibition

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Dail Chambers - Studio Artist & Community Art - A Word

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The Convergence + Exhibitions

After organizing with Yeyo Arts Collective, Solidarity Economy, Cowry Collective, Sistahs Talkin' Back and Progressive Emporium for our second bi-annual conference, Black Lotus Mobile, and the fine art work has been full of expansive experiences. During the conference we set up a healing station and a manifestation workshop. Participants were able to create a vision board, organize their dreams and evaluate their surroundings.

Prenatal artwork has been exhibited in two community spaces. In New Orleans, La. three pieces were exhibited for the Nation Breastfeeding Month event "Birth Something Beautiful." There is currently one large scale piece being shown at Community Birth and Wellness in Ferguson, Mo. as a part of their permanent collection.

I have just completed Doula Training and I am now a certified child birth educator, breastfeeding peer counselor and more. A doula is someone who assists a birthing mother before, during and after the childbirth experience. A doula is a community resource for mothers and families. The knowledge gained from this experience will further the mission of Yeyo Arts Collective and Black Lotus Mobile Healing Arts.

Another highlight of the summer is the showing of new fine artworks.  Phantom Art Gallery in Chicago, Ill. hosted my work as the featured artist for their September schedule. The installation, wall hanging work and animation: "Sankofa: A Collective Mythology" had plenty of great feedback and I look forward to upcoming exhibitions.

As the fall settles in, it is time to prepare for the solstice and the holidays. If you are seeking items for yourself or another please visit my online store at .

If you enjoy community engagement and the ideas and inspiration of others, you will love this video:

Dutchtown South in Saint Louis, Mo. has created a great project with community members and I am thankful to be an animator for this work.

Have a warm and wonderful fall to all!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Exhibition!

"Art is Business" Spread the Word and Come Out, RSVP at by October 19th, 2016

Come Listen To The Artist Talk 
"Finding Your Fingerprint and Creating Your Brand!"
Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Exhibition!

Frances Guichard

Gallery Guichard Co-owner, 
Art That Touches the Soul
436 E. 47th Street Unit 1
Chicago, IL. 60653

Gallery Guichard offers a wide range of products and services including, but not limited to fine art sales, home and office curation packages, fine art rentals, gallery rentals and heirloom and portrait pieces. Call our offices for quotes and more information.

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Transatlantic Rumours: Chicago to Liverpool 2016 show coming up in Liverpool

"Art is Business" reposted for AnySquared

2016 Collaborative exhibition between AnySquared Projects in Chicago and the Rose Howey Cooperative Art Gallery 

exploring cooperation as an alternative to capitalism.

Opening October 7th, 5pm

Rose Howey Cooperative Gallery10-1 Sunnyside | Liverpool | UK
On Display through December 2016
Collaborative exhibition between AnySquared Projects in Chicago and the Rose Howey Cooperative Art Gallery exploring cooperation as an alternative to capitalism. 

#COOPERATIONalternative #TransatlanticRumours #chicagotoliverpool
–– |
AnySquared photo album of project:
––Rose Howey Cooperative Gallery is Documented in Liverpool on the Open Eye Gallery Blog:

Transcripts from the call will be broadcast on Blogtalkradio December 5, 2016
 “Art Washing” the artist community's short-term occupancy is being used for a classic profit-driven regeneration maneuver: Vs “Let’s keep urban wastelands as bleak as they already are!”

Panel Discussion 3-5 PM, October 7th, 
AnySquared, 2328 North      Milwaukee, Chicago IL
Moderator- Alpha Bruton- Phantom Gallery Chicago Network
Tracy Kostenbauger-  AnySquare Art Collective, 
Rose Howey, Cooperative Gallery in Liverpool Guest Collaborator
Liza Simone, PopUp Research Station Co-Founder
Caryl Henry, Co-collaborator Creative Currency 

Caryl Henry and Gabriel Patti install yard signs as public art installation

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Portrait of the Artist as Community Developer: Theaster Gates and Chicago's South Side - Urban Land Magazine

Portrait of the Artist as Community Developer: Theaster Gates and Chicago's South Side - Urban Land Magazine: Chicago-based Theaster Gates may be the only artist in the United States merging the roles of artist and real estate developer. A celebrated and commercially successful multimedia artist who has exhibited work in museums and galleries around the world, Gates has transformed blocks of his South Side neighborhood through key investments in housing and unique community assets that provide residents with outlets for expression while preserving local culture before it disappears.

"Art is Business"

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


"Art is Business"

Phantom Gallery Chicago Presents  '

Dail Chamber- Art Talk and Discussion-  5-6pm
A Collective Mythology takes place in the heart of the Midwest, U.S.A.: Saint Louis, Missouri. Artist, Itshanapa Dail Chambers begins the story with the search for her grandmother which parallels her genealogical art process.  Through this experience she is introduced to collective ancestors, famous people and collaborators who have impacted society and the Saint Louis region.

 Renee Baker- Presents “A PAGE OF MADNESS!!! at Guichard Gallery on September 16 @ 7 p.m.

Black Experimentalism Examining the State of Our Environment New works of Makeba Kedem-Dubose

ALLEY ACTIVATION Participating curators: William Hill of Dorchester Botanical Garden, Ife Olatunji Collected Voices, Kari Blackman, Alan Emerson Hicks Studio, and Alpha Bruton, Phantom Gallery Chicago Network. 
How Do You Make Your Garden Grown?" in a DIY for the afternoon, transformation into green space. Landscape Architect William G. Hill will lead the neighborhood participants through the initial installation of transforming empty lot to green space.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Featured Artist Makeba Kedem-Dubose

"Art is Business" Makeba Kedem-Dubose
 The opening reception  Friday,  16, September, 2016 open studios and Bronzeville Summer Night Art District Trolley Tour.  Artist Reception 5-6pm, Trolley Tour 6-9pm, Alley Activation 5-10pm. 436 E. 47th Street, Chicago IL  60653.

Makeba Kedem-Dubose studied interior design at Harrington College of Design. She has been an established Chicago-based, multidisciplinary visual artist, curator and arts educator for over 20 years. 

One of the first five artists honored by Diasporal Rhythms in 2003, Her work has been featured in various publications and many private collections worldwide, notably African Art: The Diaspora and Beyond, by Daniel T. Parker, which features her art on the back cover. Poet Tara Betts also owns Makeba’s art and features it on the cover of her book Arc and Hue. Her art is included in the collection of Oprah Winfrey–inspired art works honoring the talk show host, A Time a Season, compiled by Janelle Dowell. Gallery owner Nicole Smith, fashion designer Barbara Bates, and DuSable Museum of African American History Director Dr. Carol Adams also collect Kedem-Dubose’s art.

CAM 2015 Featured Artists Photo Shoot with Featured Artist and Curator of Migrations In Black and White CAM 2015 Featured Exhibition Program - 
Bold colors are my technicians to push the limits of the imagination. Strong lines are my fiery strokes to visually represent the thread that spiritually connects us to one another while simultaneously exploring the human connection with nature. These components unite as a catalyst to heal effects of racism and separatism by displaying the varying hues of the human race often within a single image. 

My mission is to pull viewers into a bigger picture, beyond themselves, in order to realize our origin. I view my art as a tool with an ultimate purpose of peace, painting with my heart and soul, knowing I am merely a vehicle for Love expressions, from the creator of us all. Media , but are not limited to, acrylic paint, latex paint, paper, copper, canvas, ink, oil sticks, graphite, bark, branches, textiles, thread, ceramic tiles, wood, red beans and other found objects.

Art Talks explored issues of interest and concern to artists and the art community, including political, environmental, moral, social, global or personal ones. Black Experimentalism, Let Us Examine the State of Our Environment is a featured program as part of the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, Bronzeville Artist Lofts Art and Community Intersection.