Freedom Lover Films Collected Voices

"Art is Business"

I am a visual anthropologist and ethnographic filmmaker. I work with youth as my students, film crew, and subjects. My work, following women and girls has taken around the world to tell the story of some of the worlds most marginalized people. 

Collected Voices centers around original ethnographic works that explore the intersection of race, age, class, gender, and sexuality within Chicago society. Explored through short and feature length films from Chicago based artists, these stories capture the voices of individuals and communities. 

Thematic screenings held at the Phantom Gallery Chicago loft will create a space for viewing and discussion of narratives from underrepresented ethnic and cultural groups; often excluded from major theatrical & digital release. 

These films are curated to not only highlight the work of Chicago based filmmakers, but expand our understanding of ethnography, and the diverse experiences of Chicago citizens.