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On a dark gloomy day by the shores of Cape Coast, Ghana, after visiting the slave castle, I decided to stroll outside to catch a glimpse of the culture in this town. There were heavy tides in the Atlantic and all the fishermen still by their boats waiting for the gashing waves to calm down. Many filled their waiting time, needling their nets and several playing soccer by the shores. Suddenly from a far distance I saw several kids playing in the water on a tree bark used in a form of a canoe. I watched as they paddled the tree bark back and forth while sailing into the mist. Their courage inspired me to share this moment with them. Much like their bravery on the water, I also thought about my journey of life enduring through harsh circumstances but still persevering. - Forbidden Knowledge III - 

Solomon Adufah was born in Ghana (West Africa) and currently lives in Chicago. He taught himself how to paint 5 years ago. His discipline of art is portrait based with very vibrant colors. His portrait paintings captures expressions and emotions of his subjects. More importantly, it celebrates culture and tradition through the unique lives of the individuals he uses as subjects. More often, Africa is portrayed negatively through mass media. Africa is usually referred as disease infested, rampant wars or poverty. Celebrating the culture and tradition of the native people is his way of sharing their wonderful stories with the world.

The Homeland Series continues in the States with exhibitions of portraits paintings from his travel. The exhibitions serves as a plateau to share and educate the audience celebrating the different culture in which the pieces represent. They are also effective tool for cultural diplomacy to spread goodwill in the world and cultural identity. His exhibition of portraits are incorporated into multi-media exhibits featuring videos, artifacts, and the work of the students from the country he has visited.

He was among 20 of the best artists in Chicago who made it as finalists in the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series curated by Russell and Danny Simmons in 2014. Solomon has created commissioned work presenting to Dr. Cornel West and Dr. Angela Davis on their visit to Southern Illinois University. Solomon Adufah's Homeland Series has gained a great deal of success in the Mid-West and also featured on television segments with WGN, FOx32 Chicago and Channel 7 ABC special "Heart and Soul" all within this year.

Artist Website:

2011: Pink Inc. Gallery, Chicago/ Solo Exhibition
2012: Global Fusion, Chicago/ Solo Exhibition
2013: Norman Gallery, Chicago/ Solo Exhibition
2014: Gallery Guichard, Chicago/ Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series
2015: Crude Creatures Contemporary Gallery, Chicago/ Solo Exhibition
2016: The Bishop Gallery, New York/ Solo Exhibition

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