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Pop-Up Art Loop: Vacant Lot to Vibrant Art


Pop-Up Art Loop: Vacant Lot to Vibrant Art

By Chicago Art Magazine on Dec 29, 2009 in Featured, Reviews Alternative Spaces

Chicago-Photography-Collective by Carley Demchuk

Recently, an organization called the Chicago Loop Alliance began exhibiting art in the loop’s abandoned storefronts. Of the three current exhibition venues, there is no real overarching theme connecting one artist’s work to another’s, other than the general goal of space utilization, for something more productive, more creative, more appealing than a dark, vacant venue. In a time of economic depression, this notion of turning a dead space into an artistically vibrant pseudo-gallery, could not be more appropriate. And, the best part of all: it’s free!

I started this public art frenzy at 29 E. Madison, where the Chicago Photography Collective exhibits a group show of sorts. Temporary carpet lines the ground, walls are stark white, and photos are eloquently lit, making this space appear most gallery-like of the three venues. Exhibition-wise, there’s no preference in style or situation, placing all of these photos on the same artistic level. Different photographers’ photos hang next to each other, creating an impromptu compare-contrast of image, idea, and artfulness, making this particular pop-up art venue rather approachable. (Photographs can be purchased at the displayed prices. See ChicagoPhotographyCollective.com for more information.)

Martin Jon and Bill Boyce

A few blocks south, at the Sullivan Center (E. Monroe between State and Wabash), the work of Martin Jon and Bill Boyce adorn the Center’s windows. Jon’s painting, Manyon was most intriguing for me. He states, “The experience of looking into a painting creates another experience all together.” As I gazed at this painting while standing in the frigid Chicago wind and snow, I couldn’t help but envy this Manyon and his warm room with a view. The juxtaposition of the snowy sidewalk behind me, and this temperate scene in front of me, linked me to this two-dimensional timber of a man. By looking into the window to view the image, I in turn gaze out of his window and become the man. The real windowpane in front of me becomes the physical canyon between this image and myself, completing the manyon circle (though perhaps not the exact one that Jon was hoping achieve).

A few blocks more south, at 220 South Wabash, I anticipated Sara Schnadt’s phenomenological work, Network. This work reminds me of Lawrence Fishburne’s claim that “Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.” However, in this case, you have to see and experience the work for yourself.

Spanning the entire space, Network takes on a mind of its own. It twists, stops, and changes directions, much how one might imagine an invisible, virtual network to move (though, if nothing else, it’s especially fun to crawl beneath the network and pop up in the openings, intertwining you with the work). Schnadt, who’s previously exhibited work at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, is “inspired by the idea that we simultaneously live in a real and virtual world, and that the virtual is infinitely expansive…” She utilizes the reflective property of mirrors, to not only make the space appear larger than it is, but to also make the yellow twine appear as though it is escaping into the wall and beyond, where I, the viewer, cannot follow. In this sense, the line between real and virtual is clearly drawn.

Sara Schnadt, Network
These three spaces will only exhibit these artworks through December 31st, so get a peak at them while you still can! For more information on Pop-Up Art Loop, visit http://http://www.popupartloop.com/inde

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Studio Chicago


Studio Chicago: a collaborative project that explores the artists' studio: Creativity; Production; Infrastructure

Why and how is the studio important to art and artists today?

What is the artist studio today?

What infrastructures are needed to support art practice and production?

The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with leading local arts institutions, announces a year-long collaborative project, "Studio Chicago" to generate deeper, more nuanced understanding about these issues among the artist community and to broaden awareness and understanding among the "art-curious."

Studio Chicago focuses on the Artist's Studio, through exhibitions, talks, publications, tours, and research. Participating organizations will celebrate the working artist and reveal their sites of creative production from historical and contemporary perspectives, with concepts ranging from the 'studio as muse', 'virtual studios', 'street as studio' and 'gallery as studio.'

"Sonic Tops"


Words cannot adequately express my deep gratitude for your support, your professionalism and your unbridled commitment to the manifestation of “Sonic Tops.”

It was a magnificent success and I have been getting a lot of positive feed forward from those that attended and/or participated. I am also getting comments from those that were not at the event. I have been working on the idea for several years. I began making the tops about two years ago and have one hundred ninety working tops and a couple of duds. I will complete the set of two hundred or two hundred twenty five ASAP.

I have not experiences so much joy and happiness on the faces and vibrations of people in a very long time! it was a truly touching experience, very engaging, relaxing and fertile with diverse people and exchanges. I hope with the stellar documentation I will have, I will be able to procure the kind of support that the works needs and deserves. Thanks for you patience, dedication, time, artistry, generosity, magnanimous spirit and encouragement.

Much Love and Respect!

Douglas R. Ewart

3714 17th Avenue South

Minneapolis MN 55407


I've created a slideshow of the event at

http://gallery.me.com/rlblouin#100143&bgcolor=black&view=grid and feel free

Photos aren't downloadable, but if anyone wants to get

in touch with me for photos (price varies by size) or a DVD slideshow ($10)

I can be reached via email or at 773.874.5896. I'll burn you a DVD of this


50 ALDERMEN/50 ARTISTS: A Group Show

December 18: Deadline for artist registration

FOR MORE INFO, EMAIL chicagoaldermenproject@gmail.com

How many Chicagoans know what their alderman looks like? How many Chicagoans can tell you who their alderman is, and what he or she has been doing lately? We're not pollsters, so we don't have any hard data to provide answers to these questions -- but we are artists, and we're interested in using art as a vehicle in depicting and learning more about the aldermen who represent us at City Hall. To this end, we invite other Chicago artists to join us in producing 50 ALDERMEN/50 ARTISTS: A group exhibition of portraits that will enable people to learn more about the 50 aldermen who make up the Chicago City Council, and raise awareness of local government. On Friday, March 16, 2010 from 7-11pm, Old Style proudly presents 50 ALDERMEN/50 ARTISTS at the Johalla Projects Gallery, 1561 N. Milwaukee.

For the exhibit, 50 artists from across Chicago will be invited to choose one alderman to feature in a 16"x22" portrait, using their media of choice. Participating artists will be required to interview or attempt to interview the alderman they are depicting. All 50 aldermen will be invited to the opening, which will include biographical information and a voter registration table. In addition to the show, we hope to feature the 50 alderman portraits — as well as portraits of Richard M. Daley and Cook County Board President Todd H. Stroger — in a book.

Aldermen serve four-year terms, during which they vote on regulations and rules that affect all of us. And sometimes they participate in the notorious Chicago political machine: Since 1974, 30 aldermen have been convicted of federal crimes ranging from tax evasion to bribery. (A couple of others died before going to trial.) Whether ethical or corrupt, aldermen make our city what it is, and make Chicago's history. 50 ALDERMEN/50 ARTISTS hopes to acknowledge this fact, as well as celebrate the richness of our local political culture.

The kickoff event for 50 ALDERMEN/50 ARTISTS will be Friday, Jan. 15 at Debonair Social Club, 1575 N. Milwaukee. This event will be a meet-and-greet for all artists involved, and will be where artists are matched up with aldermen. This will also be an opportunity to answer any questions artists may have.

In keeping with the spirit of 50 ALDERMEN/50 ARTISTS, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a nonprofit, non-partisan voter registration organization. Not only do we want to inform people about the aldermen who make a daily impact on our lives, we also want to give people the tools to act on that information. The voter registration group, TBD, will register voters at the March 16 opening.


March 12: Deadline for art delivery

There will be a $20 entry fee, with 10% of sales going to cover costs of the event.

25% of sales will go towards a nonprofit voter registration group (TBD).





Sunday, November 1, 2009

Phantom Gallery Chicago NetworK On Yahoo Groups


Phantom Gallery artrists can now log on and start a topic of conversation from their yahoo browser.  Stay on top of networking by listing your upcoming events, what's happening in your studio, new work you are now creating.

Call for Perspectus-  "Caught in the Critical Crossfire", a response to crimes in and around artists spaces.
Deadline: January 20, 2010.

Submit 250 word response, and image online at http://www.phantomgallery.blogspot/. com

Everett Williams, suggested during our "Curatorial Practice" artists talk, on October 24th, 2009, at Murphy Hill Gallery, that artist do a project that is in response to the recent crime infecting our communities. While the City of Chicago is launching "Studio Chicago" what about artists that are working and are producing work in areas of the City that are affordable, but are at risk.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Phantom Gallery LA, Curator's talk by Using Cell Phones

The Phantom Gallery LA used Guide By Cell Phone on October 24th, 2009 to launch their new exhibitions in 15 locations. This is something to think about for the next Phantom Gallery Chicago staging, or to use at any of your openings this coming year.


Audio Tours:
Guide by Cell turns cell phones into audio guides. We're the largest provider of cell phone, text messaging and podcasting services with over 500 clients. Record over phone or upload audio to create tour. Visitors use their cell phones to hear audio. Real-time web statistics show amazing information. Try for free, and then pay low monthly fee. Use text messaging to engage younger audience, or use to train staff. Collect feedback by visitors leaving comments.
Train by Cell is an interactive and strategic communication tool that maximizes business productivity. Everyone has a phone! Use Train by Cell to leverage your training and communication dollars!
Mobile Platform:
Guide by Cell offers a mobile development and marketing platform to companies and institutions. You're in control with Guide by Cell's suite of services; use our unique, multiplatform technology and create personalized content that your audience seeks out! Let Guide by Cell help you reach your target audience or train your staff anywhere, anytime!
Mobile Advertising:
Guide by Cell is the largest mobile phone tour company in the world with exposure to millions of users each month. You can now advertise through mobile phone tours in thousands of cultural organizations in North America. Choose the type of venue, time period and advertising vehicle.

Murphy Hill Gallery Anniversary Show

Mark Your Calendar
Art Media and Unique Gifts

November 18 to December 23, 2009
Reception: Saturday, November 21, 2009 6PM - 10PM

Buy Art, Buy gifts, enjoy music, and networking.

Art and Business Mixer Chicago Artists Month 2.0

Art and Business mixer, "VIP Reception", at Murphy Hill Gallery was a success this year.

It was well attended by artist, art supporters, business owners, and politicians. The event was catered, and had live music; people meandered throughout the block long gallery. An "Artists Talk" by local Curators: William Hill of Murphy Gallery, Gaberial Patti of the Phantom Gallery, Everett Williams of Creative Arts Alliance, Frederic Owens Art Museum of Chicago, and Dan Godston curator of Synesthetic Plan of Chicago, talked about "Problems and Considerations Exhibiting in Alternative Exhibition Spaces. We also connected to Phantom Gallery LA; they were hosting an art walk in 15 galleries in the LA area, where each artists/curator gave a talk about their installation through their cell phone.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Phantom Gallery on Milwaukee Avenue

Friday, October 16, 2009 Phantom Gallery Opening Reception, 2827 N. Milwaukee Ave,  Chicago.                                      Gabe Patti, had about 70 friends, and family, come to check out his first installation as  Phantom Gallery Curator for Chicago Artists Month 2.0. 2009
Artist Chris Pappan, http://www.myspace.com/chrispappan, sold a piece.

Watercolor on Paper, by artist Janina A. Ciezadlo, http://www.merelycirculating.com/ ,

Phillip Cotton's pieces contrast black and white, next to the work of Everett Williams.

Everett Williams, uses his graphic art background in design to supper impose images of Black in different walks of life during the New York Worlds Fair. Listen to him discuss his process at the Murphy Hill Gallery this Saturday October 24th, at 5pm.

Finally Gabe and Everett call it a wrap on Sunday afternoon, at the close of the exhibition. We give a special thanks to owners of Crown Liquors, for allowing the Phantom Gallery into their empty storefront, on Milwaukee, and the Logan Square Chamber of Arts.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Phantom Gallery Presents "Curatorial Practice: Problems and Considerations for Curator Exhibiting in Temporary Installations"

The Phantom Gallery will be hosting an artists talk, at the Murphy Hill Gallery, 3333 West Arthington Ave, 3rd Floor, in Chicago's Lawndale Community. "Curatorial Practice: Problems and Considerations for Curator Exhibiting in Temporary Installations". The panel starts at around 5pm - 6pm.

In Celebration of Chicago Artists Month

You are Cordially Invited to A VIP Reception for Local Artists on
Saturday, October 24, 2009 from 6pm to 9pm at:

Murphy Hill Gallery

3333 West Arthington - 3rd Flr.

(in the Historic Sears Building)

Enjoy the Murphy Hill Gallery Exhibit

"Arts Across Cultures"

Featuring Live Music and Refreshments

Free Admission
Sponsored by
Greater Garfield Park Chamber of Commerce in Collaboration with
Murphy Hill Gallery
Alpha Bruton, Local Artist/ Phantom Gallery Chicago
Nancy Vachon, Local Artist /Switching Station Artist Lofts


Monday, October 19, 2009

Monkey Survey

Please take a moment and respond to the Phantom Gallery Chicago survey. Thanks in advance.

Click Here to take survey

Thursday, October 15, 2009

VIP Reception for Local Artists

You are Cordially Invited to A VIP Reception for Local Artists

Saturday, October 24, 2009 from 6pm to 9pm

Murphy Hill Gallery

3333 West Arthington - 3rd Flr.

(in the Historic Sears Building)

Enjoy the Murphy Hill Gallery Exhibit

"Arts Across Cultures"

Featuring Live Music and Refreshments

Free Admission

Sponsored by

Greater Garfield Park Chamber of Commerce in Collaboration with
Murphy Hill Gallery
Alpha Bruton, Phantom Gallery Chicago
Nancy Vachon, Local Artists, Switching Station Artist Lofts

Please RSVP to (773) 722-6650.

Erni King
Greater Garfield Park Chamber of Commerce

3439 W. Madison
Chicago, IL 60624
(773) 722-6650
(773) 722-6651 Fax

Monday, October 12, 2009


Faie African Art Celebrates
Chicago Artists Month with

"Africa In Me"

Sunday October 25 at 3:00 pm
Panel discussion, "Knowing Your Roots"
with Artists
Felicia Grant Preston
Candace Hunter
Geneologist, Sharon Morgan

Come and celebrated the Echoes of African influences in the art of the Diaspora at 

FaiE African Art Gallery
4317 South Cottage Grove

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Phantom Gallery Presents "Revisionist"

2827 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL  October 16th Opening

Curator: Gabriel Patti
Phantom Gallery proudly presents works of Chicago-based artists who want to rewrite history…for the better! Whether derived from myth or history, dreams or memory, fact or fiction, these paintings, drawings and quilts await your “vision” and collection.

Opening: Friday October 16, 5-10pm
Saturday 17th: gallery, open 1-10pm
Sunday 18th: gallery, open 1-8pm

Featured Artists: Alpha Bruton, Melanie Brown, Janina Ciezadlo, Phillip Michael Cotton, Brandon Hill, Chris Pappan, Gabriel Patti, Janet Sampson, Tamara Wasserman, Everett William.

Chicago Artists Month 2.0 Virtual Studios

Phantom Gallery projects are not common only to Chicago but are in various Cities from east to west coast, as well as internationally. Each of these galleries functions exceedingly well in encapsulating their philosophy, promoting projects through a variety of traditionally commercial tools for reaching mass audiences.

Phantom Gallery Chicago attempts to prompt responses from people who might not enter a gallery or museum. Artists/curators are challenged to mirror more commercial methods of distribution that are the acceptable or normalized activities of the internet, blogging, to give its virtual audience a glimpses of possibilities as to what art should be doing-an interdisciplinary process that seeks to connect all parts of our cultural existence.

Each artist as curator stages an art openings in alternative locations, storefront spaces by bringing art events, open houses, and art tours to various venues, we can take a broader view in helping make the art happen.

This Phantom Gallery Chicago project is supported in part by: Logan Square Chamber of Arts, Crown Liquors Owner of storefront.


Panel Discussion: October 24, 2009, 5pm-6pm
Murhpy Hill Gallery

Fine Art Exhibit Opening Reception for Everett C. Williams, Frederick Ross Owens, curated by Nathaniel McLinn, canceled October 10, 2009. Why? Panel discussion on problems and considerations curating in alternative exhibition spaces in Chicago.

Art theorist Nicolas Bourriaud defines "Post Pas the art work created on the basis of preexisting works.”In the works of Fredrick Owens, Everett C. Williams  remixing allows the viewer to recalibrated perception, the fixed borders of ideologies to dance between absences, gaps, and dissensus, in the limits of society's sterotypes, categories, and histories? This subject position shared by the artist and the viewer exist not as another layer of knowledge, but simply as a capacity to move among the centers and the margins of hegemonic values from the point of omission.

Fredrick Owen's painting with its electronica devices celebrates the viewer’s liberty and dcapacity to remix their own media experiences.

Everett C. Williams's remix completes a project started by Dubois and corrects and reedits main stream history by challenging negative images of black women in history.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Phantom Gallery CAM 2009 2.0 Virtual Studio

Greater Garfield Park Chamber celebrates artists doing business on the West Side of Chicago by hosting an annual reception, which will take place this year at the Murphy Hill Gallery. Murphy Hill Gallery is located in the Historic Sears and Roebuck Building.

6:oopm - 10:00 pm


Chicago, IL 60624


The Phantom Gallery Chicago Virtual Studio is part of Chicago Artists Month 2009, the fourteenth annual celebration of Chicago’s vibrant visual art community. In October, more than 200 exhibitions of emerging and established artists, openings, demonstrations, tours, open studios and neighborhood art walks take place at galleries, cultural centers and arts buildings throughout the city. Chicago Artists Month is organized by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and is made possible through support provided by Bank of America.
For more information, visit www.chicagoartistsmonth.org.

Phantom Gallery Chicago, "PostPRODUCTION", curated by Fredrick Owens & guest curator Nathaniel McLinn, scheduled for Saturday October 10th, 2009 at the Wine Consortium. Meet the artists and guest curators at the October 24th reception.

Phantom Gallery Chicago, "REVISIONIST", curated by Gabriel Patti, has also been rescheduled due to location committments.

Both artists as curators will have some lively discussions regarding interfacing with business owners and empty spaces around Chicago.
Phantom Gallery Chicago Connects to Visual Studios- Phantom Gallery projects are not common only to Chicago but are in various Cities from east to west coast, as well as internationally. Each of these galleries functions exceedingly well in encapsulating their philosophy, promoting projects through a variety of traditionally commercial tools for reaching mass audiences.

Phantom Gallery Chicago attempts to prompt responses from people who might not enter a gallery or museum. Artists/curators are challenged to mirror more commercial methods of distribution that are the acceptable or normalized activities of the Internet, blogging, to give its virtual audience a glimpses of possibilities as to what art should be doing-an interdisciplinary process that seeks to connect all parts of our cultural existence.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vibrational Sound Narratives

Contact: http://www.elasticrevolution.com/

Artist Alpha Bruton’s Exhibit Opening

Saturday, October 3, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Elastic Sound and Vision Gallery
2830 North Milwaukee Ave., 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60618

Elastic Arts Foundation announces the opening for artist Alpha Bruton’s exhibit entitled“Vibrational Sound Narratives” on Saturday, October 3 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. Alpha Bruton Created 200- 12"x 18" acrylic on paper paintings , of compositions, from a four year exploration of various Chicagoan jazz musicians.

7pm - 8pm
David Boykin, and Una McClone (guest artist from Glasgow) perform to a slide presentation produced by Jayve Montgomery

Curator Susan Fox



Monday, September 14, 2009

Phantom Gallery Sherwin Williams Paint Donation

Ten gallons of Sherman Williams paint was donated to the Phantom Gallery, by artist/musician Matthew Beckstorm. Yeah! now we have paint, to paint a fresh coat of paint, on walls in empty storefronts that may need a face lift,during the Phantom Gallery this October.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Phillip Michael Cotton - Art Talk

Art Talk Guest Contributor on 08.26.09 | no comments |
Feature by Lee Ann Norman


Phil Cotton's latest solo exhibition at the South Side Community Art Center may have confused some who aren't familiar with his work, since it was called Vessels of Inquiry. He doesn't typically work with clay or make standard sculptures, but he views paintings as urns of sorts, believing they assume a sculptural quality. "I feel like paintings...are not just flat surfaces but that they can be containers for ideas, feelings," he explained. Cotton often thinks of his 2-dimensional painting practice in conjunction with 3-dimensional practices because of the ways that they allow ideas to dialogue with each other. Knowing the artist (who is also a visual art and design teacher for Chicago Public Schools), it isn't surprising to learn that he's always approached art making from a point of study - experiments with materials, with colors, shapes, lines, textures, forms. Most work begins with organic explorations in mark making - pigments and materials on the page or the canvas - explorations in possibilities and discoveries, all seeking to find new ways to communicate and express ideas visually.

For as long as he can remember, Cotton has been making art and been interested in art making. He grew up watching his mother create work, and his parents encouraged him to develop his skills, creativity, and talent. This lead to studies in art education in his native Buffalo, where he initially maintained a steady exhibitions schedule in school and beyond. Upon arriving in Chicago to study graphic design at the Illinois Institute of Technology, his professional fine art practice began to slow. At the time, the IIT program focused on applied arts, so Cotton shifted his focus while pursuing his studies. A hand injury put those plans on hold midway through the program however, and he had to drop out; yet, those influences from sculpture and design remain central in his work.

Cotton's artwork has consistently explored three concrete themes through abstraction: mind (our thoughts and ideas), myth (stories we tell and create), and reality (reflections upon lived experiences). Early paintings and drawings probed these areas through mark making leading to organic figurations using shapes, lines, forms, and textures. Cotton's process has continued to focus on evolving explorations, wanderings, and experiments, which lead him to create multidimensional works that force a viewer to see differently. An earlier example of this idea is a sculptural 2-dimensional series called Circle Prime Theory challenged viewers to focus on the periphery of the works through the construction of the artistic elements on the frame and sides of the canvases.

Works in the South Side Community Art Center exhibition represented a retrospective of works created in the last 2 years, showing the natural progression of Cotton's work and how his process manifests 3-dimensional qualities in 2-dimensional artworks. In the Sentinels series, for example, Cotton created abstracts on canvas in combination with carved and painted "head pieces." Each headpiece features two eyes and the third eye, and some have cutouts for mouths, as if the paintings are in conversation with each other or the heavens, while some are silent. Each of the paintings continues to use visual elements Cotton favors, like punchy, bright pigments, often unmixed, textural components like sand or gravel mixed directly on the canvas, geometric and organic shapes, and lines.

Newer works unveiled in this exhibition build on these ideas, and show heavy influences of Al Loving and Sam Gilliam, along with other abstract expressionists like Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, and Robert Motherwell. Cotton explains, "I knew I wanted the work to move along to a place that was more visceral and tactile, away from more traditional painting which is somewhat lyrical and flat. These pieces have allowed me to actually construct the painting." Each piece consists of layers of oil pastel drawings, in which Cotton cuts a completed drawing into shapes and re-assembles it into a different pattern. He then places it on top of another oil pastel drawing, which serves as a background. He is still interested in the ways that color and shape create visual movement, though he is considering how this series can continue to evolve and move away from vertical and horizontal movement into more organic progressions. Cotton is also experimenting with this idea on canvas by cutting painted shapes and strips of the material and draping it on another canvas to create visual movement.

For Cotton, it's all about how far he can go with the imagery, how far he can push the envelope through visual elements, as well as how far the viewer can push themselves. "Successful art should educate and engage...raise questions about the work and through the work," Cotton said. "I don't want the work to be so reliant on (my) explaining...I'd rather have the viewer explore and interpret on their own," he added

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Phantom Gallery in Homburg Germany

Homburg Germany

Empty gallery spaces were popping up everywhere where a gallery once stood, "Phantom Gallery" here in Homberger with a wonderful 2ND level. The gallery was not far from a busy shopping and dining area.
I spotted a few closed gallery spaces, but didn't find the art community. No street fairs or festivals in this area while I was there.

Interesting view leaving the Museum in Ramstein after visiting the Civil Rights Exhibition of black and white photographs.

Angela Davis and her visit to Berlin.

Friday, August 14, 2009

"Chicago Revisionist" - Call for Artists

“Chicago Revisionists“
Phantom Gallery Show October 10, 2009
Call for artists

Phantom gallery invites submissions to a group show for artwork that is derived from memory, dreams, and historical and mythological sources. In addition to 2D and 3D formats in a select Chicago location, a podcast about the gallery show will be sent to other Phantom Gallery affiliates in Los Angeles and Sacramento CA. A slideshow of participating artists’ pieces will accompany artist and curator commentary as the postshow catalogue. Submit up to 5 images (jpegs) to Gabriel Patti, gabe_patti@yahoo.com with a brief statement on how your work addresses this theme.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chicago Calling Arts Festival 4

CCAF4, Saturday October 3th, Elastic , 2830 N. Milwaukee, Chicago

Alpha Bruton's Art Gallery Opening, "Vibrational Sound Narratives"

Reception 7pm: David Boykin (Chicago), Una McClone (Scotland), Jayve Montgomery (Chicago)

Concert: 1st set, 8pm, 2nd set 11pm

Gino Robair (percussion),
Andrew Royal (violin), and
Aaron Zarzutzki (electronics)
Burton Greene

BYOB suggested donations $12

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Logan Square ARTicipation Tour-Chiacgo Artists Month 2.0

"Vibrational Sound Narratives” , artist Alpha Bruton
Exhibiting a series of 12"x 18" acrylic on paper, a four year exploration of various jazz musicians, improvisational Jazz, creative music, electric music, and alternative sound, where I created abstract sketches in a response to their sound stream, and what I was feeling, or seeing during these performances.

Vibrational sound narratives are a very comprehensive system of patterns, or vibrations that teach our bodies at all levels how to have a new experience. They activate a practice similar to Vibra Keys association with sound, shape, and image in the context of emotional response, and unlock visual-spatial intelligence in the artists among us, who think in pictures and images.

Some of the musicians perform at venues in Chicago: Elastic Sound & Visionary Gallery, Chicago Calling Arts Festival, Brown Rice, Umbrella Music Festival at the Chicago Cultural Center, Velvet Lounge, Ancestral Lofts, Heaven Gallery, Empty Bottle, AACM tribute to Fletcher Henderson at Millennium Park, Earnest Dawkins Sunday Afternoon Jam sessions, Nicole Mitchell's tribute to Alice Coltrane, Ways & Means Trio, and Dan & Jon Godston’s Mingus Awareness Project at the Hide Out, just to list a few.

The project is supported in part by the Logan Square Chamber of Arts and the Elastic Arts Foundation, Chicago

Exhibition October 1- October 31, at the Elastic Sound & Visionary Gallery, 2830 N. Milwaukee, Chicago
Reception: October 3rd, New Wave Cafe, 2557 N. Milwaukee 6pm
Concert: October 3rd, Chicago Calling Arts Festival 4, 2830 N Milwaukee, 9pm, 2nd set 11pm

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chicago Now Blog

Editor's Note: In the process of researching Gallery Guichard for this gallery spotlight, we asked Andre Guichard to contribute to the blog. So before he uploads his first post, I wanted to give a proper introduction about Gallery Guichard and give a sense of his gallery and role in the Bronzeville art scene, and beyond.

When talking about a Bronzeville art gallery, it's easy to delve into the issues that have been swirling around about the lack of critical attention that is paid to South Side art. But I'd like to put all that aside for just one post and just look at Gallery Guichard as an art gallery - not an Afrocentric or Diaspora gallery - but as a successful fine art gallery that sells contemporary art and has achieved great success in just four years.
Paul Klein is writing a series about art collecting for this blog. In his introduction to collecting, he recommends buying from art galleries, but I questioned him on how a new collector could get started if they only want to spend around $300 on a piece, when most River North gallery artworks begin at $1,500.
(article continues)

This is where I see Gallery Guichard filling an important role for people who are new to collecting, or have been buying art for a long time. Gallery Guichard is a big, three-floor gallery. Prices begin very low and range to about $3,000 (though a few pieces are quite a bit more).

The Chicago Urban Art Society Presented Muscle in the Hustle: Contemporary Approaches to Promoting Art

on Saturday, June 20, 2009"Muscle in the Hustle", was a 2 session panel discussion focusing on current art movements and projects in the Chicagoland area. The first session will be an artist-led discussion on the successes / failures of promoting their art, and new and unorthodox approaches to the current market. The second session was led by a panel of curators and gallery directors whose focus is emerging, contemporary, & local artists. They discuss their successes / failures in promoting their venue / vision, in artist selection, & original approaches to attracting audiences. Art makers and artists areas of interests include but not limited to DIY, street art, graffiti art culture, mixed media, muralism, found object, performance, photography, public art, print-making, and literary arts. Moderated by Gregg Heertzlieb and Angeline Gragasin. PANEL 1 included:Participants : Jeff Zimmerman, Ray 'CRO' Noland, Erik DeBat "RISK", Doug Fogelson, Rahmaan 'STATIC' Barnes, Maria Gaspar, Revise cmw, Dolan Geiman and Tom TorluemkePANEL 2 included: Participants : Anni Holm (Curator at Orleans Street Gallery), Anna Cerniglia, Mike Nourse (Chicago Art Department, CAD), 32nd&urban gallery/space, Fausto Alejandro Lopez (Quennect 4)

The Chicago Urban Art Society was founded by two originators of 32nd&urban:gallery/space formerly located on the south side of Chicago in the community of Bridgeport. Urban, established in 2006 by Monica Lee, Lauren Pacheco, Pedro Soto and Peter K featured urban contemporary art by emerging and established artists. It's successful tenure featured artists such as Juan Angel Chavez, Mike Genovese, Chris Silva, Jeff Zimmerman, Marco Raya, Doug Fogelson, Ray CRO Noland, Jon Lowenstein, Carlos J. Ortiz, Maria Gaspar among others. 32nd&urban closed it's doors in December 2008 at it's 3201 South Halsted Street gallery location. Urban looked to transform itself into a not-for-profit entity whereby continuing it's efforts in promoting fresh and innovative art. Looking for new ways to support the Chicago urban art movement, the formation of the Chicago Urban Art Society hopes to serve as a platform and vehicle in doing so.

CONTACT INFORMATION Website: View Past Exhibitions Here! General Information and Membership: info@chgourbanartsociety.com
Exhibition Inquiry: exhibitions@chgourbanartsociety.com
Fundraising Inquiries: fundraising@chgourbanartsociety.com

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Uptown Arts Walk Phantom Gallery Sacramento CA

"Back on The Boulevard" show by the Woodlake Artists Group
The Uptown Art Walk welcomes the Woodlake Artists Group in July
as they stage their "Back on The Boulevard" show at 1616 Del Paso Boulevard. This diverse show features
artists: Mario Esbri - Drawing; Taylor Gutermute - Metal Sculpture; Carol Hawkins - Painting and Collage;
Bert Hughes - Painting and Mixed Media; Michael A. Mayda - Astrophotography;
Gary R. Miller - Credit Card Sculptures and Constructions; and Sea Miller - Mixed Media.

The Woodlake Show opens Friday at 6 p.m. and continues on Saturday at 6 p.m. Friday night jazz by
"So What." Saturday night, enjoy the music of Anderson Gram. Wine by the glass - $6.

Music on The Boulevard Saturday Night

Dave Silva and Larry Lucero at Enotria Annex (1439 DPB), 6 p.m.

The Brendan Davis Project at Casa Bella Galleria (1511 DPB), 6 p.m.

Everything gone green and cacapoopoopeepee at The Cafe At The Greens (1616 DPB).

Anderson Gram at 1616 DPB's former Himovitz Gallery

Local singers/songwriters at The Artisan (1901 DPB), 7 p.m.

Thieves of Thunder at Boyd Luthiery, (2014 DPB) 7 p.m.

July Map and Poster at http://www.phantomuptownarts.com/

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Phantom Gallery LA-

MIRACLE MILE Fly with the Cage

©phantomgalleriesLA - 2007-2009

Please check back. As this project evolves information and dates will be added.
Due to recent events in Iran we have come together to create a welcoming place for diverse voices to be heard and expressed through the arts.

Curated by :Building Bridges and SoCiArts
Presented by:Phantom Galleries LA and Edgar Varela Fine Arts

CALL TO Iranian Artists and The Inspired:If you like to share your ideas through your art... Please email for more information and details. flywiththecage@gmail.com

Exhibition runs:July 10th- July 26th, 2009
Reception: Friday, July 10th, 6 - 9pm Additional happenings TBA This exhibit will evolve and travel to other locations Los Angeles Locations and potentially to Iran this Summer.

Links: Fly With the CageTWITTER.com/FlywiththeCage FlyWithTheCage.com Facebook Page
This exhibit is a collaborate effort between:Phantom Galleries LA EdgarVarelaFineArts.com BuildingBridges.me SoCiArts.com

Phantom Galleries LA places temporary art installations in vacant storefront windows throughout Los Angeles county. PGLA transforms unutilized space into 24/7 public art galleries.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Phantom Gallery Uptown Arts Sacramento

Uptown Art Walk - June 12 & 13

Former Himovitz space opens as Phantom Gallery
1616 Del Paso Boulevard, well known to the Sacramento Arts
Community as the former Himovitz Gallery, will re-open on
Friday as a Phantom Gallery featuring exhibits by John Krempel,
Margaret Teichert, Kelsey Walker, Robyn Slakey, Heather Fernden
and Maggie Jimenez. There also be a display by VSA Arts of
California,a children's art program, featuring sculptures and

Friday night reception: 6 - 8 p.m.

Saturday night, 6 - 10 p.m. featuring blues and jazz music of
Jimmy Pailer and country music of Grammy-nominated Tim
Murphy (photo above). Wine by the glass ($6).

Pacific Housing Inc Art Show at Casa Bella
From 4 - 7 p.m. on Saturday, Pacific Housing Inc. will showcase
work of its residents in the parking lot of Casa Bella Galleria,
1511 Del Paso Boulevard.

Music by Murphys Law from 5 - 7:45 p.m. with a special performance
at 6:30 by James Barrera, trick rope artist.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Phantom Gallery in Ramstein Germany

This is a space I'm looking at to host a phantom gallery project.

There are several other closed art galleries in the Village of Ramstein.

Simba Mediterranean Gallery

I ventured into the Ramstein-Miesenbach Museum, which is currently hosting a special exhibition “African American Civil Right in Germany,” to July 19.

“Afroamerikanische GIs und Deutschland”, “African American GI’s and Germany”.
The exhibition chronicles the little known history of the experience of African American GI’s in Germany and the significance of their deployment for the advancement of the the civil rights movement in the US. It presents the first results of a joint research initative of the German Historical Institute, Washington DC., Vassar College (Poughkeepsie, NY), and the Heldelberg Center for American Studies (HCA) at the University of Heldelberg in co-operation with the DOCU Center Ramstein.

Sometimes in life ones comes full circle, I remember in 1971 being a high school student, going underground to meetings, that supported the Black Panther Party. We circulated petitions to free Angela Davis, a Fresno farmer put up his farm to make her bail. That was my indoctrination into the Pan African Peoples Revolutionary Party and being an activist. The exhibition also highlights the Black Panther Movement in Germany, freeing of the Ramstein2, with posters, black and white photos of key Panther members.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Phantom Gallery Artist Residency

The journey to becoming a skilled and accomplished artist is life long. The work is intense. Skills need constant updating. When you invest in your talent, you can reinvigorate your passion for making art. But, an important part of the process is building into your schedule a time for renewal, for new experiences, and for a different perspective. Vacations for artists are not to get away from their work, but rather to find ways to inspire their work with new exuberance and energy.

Each residency is composed of one artist from Chicago, one from elsewhere in the United States, and one from abroad. Phantom Gallery provides each artist with a two-month residency, which includes a materials budget, a weekly living stipend, an apartment, and studio/exhibition space, as well as administrative support.

The goal is to give artists a space in which to imagine new ways to work. The residency is followed by a two-month exhibition of the project created, which is fully documented and accompanied by a full-color exhibition brochure. All art made during the residency belongs to the artist. Resident artists are encouraged to share their ideas and become involved with the Chicago art communities.

Phantom Gallery knows what artists need to keep creating and inventing at their personal best: time to reflect and time to work seriously, just for the fun of it.

Alpha Bruton is a Chicago-based artist and co-founder of the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network. Her recent drawings and sculptures follow a three-step process. First, the artist creates a free-form drawing while listening to experimental music; then, she pulls interesting shapes from these scribble images; and ultimately, she inserts random drawings into the space created by these shapes. She activates a practice similar to Vibra Keys association exams through the Rorschach assessment of sound, shape, and image in the context of emotional response.
Vibrational sound narratives are a very comprehensive system of patterns, or vibrations that teach our bodies at all levels how to have a new experience. They certainly are activational and personally empowering, bringing us into focus with the opportunities to choose new ways to live out our lives in each new moment. They seem to mirror to us things that we have forgotten about ourselves, reminding us just how powerful we truly are in changing our reality.

Phantom Gallery and Mo(VE)ment in Apeldoorn Area, Amsterdam
May 2009
Movement the Show embarked on a month long tour of the USA in March 2008. Building on what had happened in Amsterdam, Tali, Benno, and Rocy incorporated the kinetic e nergy of live improvisational jazz into ther performances. Mo(VE)ment continues to find new people to add to its ever changing cast of musical characters, the ideas and creativity just keep growing and developing. When the show is taken to different locations it is tits goals to include local musical talent every time.
The Mo(VE)ment painting with music workshop combines music and motor skills to paint. The rhythm of the music, the pure sounds, affect the way the pigment is laid down on the paper. The art workshop allows the kids to feel the music, and explore their own imagination as the group is directed through a variety of painting exercises using crayons, brushes and finger paint.
Phantom Gallery & KO Enterprise in Berlin

July 2009
We will explore Berlin's cultural history through this immersive course that explores the cinema, visual arts, architecture and music of Berlin. At the same time, Berlin is a city of contrasts where the shifting urban milieu speaks both to an unimaginable past and a renewable future. We will explore the avant-garde architecture and monuments, along with a bustling nightlife, which makes this city a rich source for exploring the legacy and spirit of the modern era. We will visit the studios of contemporary artists, as well as numerous art galleries and museums, including the Galerie Thomas Schulte, Guggenheim, Hamburger Bahnhof and Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art. Our farewell dinner will be held at Bertolt Brecht's former residence, where we will sample some of his late wife's Germanic recipes.

I will complete a visual diary of drawing, collage, video or photography. This visual journal will reflect the on-site experience in Amsterdam, Hamburg, and Berlin, employing themes suggested by contemporary narratives, personal or historical, will be created spurred by this cultural immersion.Posted by Alpha Bruton on 4/28 tags: conceptual painting

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Phantom Gallery Chicago School Installation

Alpha Bruton, the Chief Curator for the Phantom Gallery Chicago will be installing an on-site gallery Beidler Elementary this Spring. The Art Club, and Jr Art Honor's Society have created art for two years, the installation will take place this Fall during Chicago Artists Month.

The school is located in a corridor of art communities: Carroll/Albany Building, Carroll/Kedzie Building, and Switching Station Artist Lofts.

This project is sponsor in part by the Illinois Arts Council Arts in Education program, Chicago Public Schools After School Matters, and the Local School Council.

The school community garden project is funded by the City of Chicago Green Technology Center, GreenCorp, and Openlands.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Big Idea

The BIG IDEA - A Story of DIY in the Digital Age from rebexa on Vimeo.


April 1 - May 31 Monday - Saturday, 10AM to 6PM and Sunday, 10AM to 5PMFREE

Officially Unofficial - Inspired Art for Obama Exhibition from rebexa on Vimeo.

Chicago Artists Month 2009

The Department of Cultural Affairs invites you to participate in the 14th annual Chicago Artists Month, a citywide celebration of Chicago visual artists in October. More than 200 events featuring Chicago artists, from exhibitions to open studio tours and neighborhood art walks, take place at museums, galleries, cultural centers and other locations throughout the city.
Want to learn what it's all about? Hear about what's new this year? Looking for partners? A space? Advice? Come to a meeting on Thursday, April 23 at 3:30pm at the Chicago Cultural Center (78 E. Washington St., 5th Floor Washington Room). We'll go over changes to the program and application procedures, as well as provide time for you to network and find possible partners for your Chicago Artists Month program.
The deadline for submitting your Chicago Artists Month 2009 participation application is Friday, May 15. For more information, and to access the online application, visit http://www.chicagoartistsmonth.org/.

Phantom Gallery Chicago in Austin