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"Art is Business" .. I met Jim Prigoff in 1992, he presented for our Mural Summit when I contracted for the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission in Sacramento California, he also presented during the African American Art Summit, held in Sacramento, and San Jose California presenteed by the Visual Arts Development Project, and Celebration Arts Visual Arts Program. With much respect, he goes down in history for his documentation and for creating a legacy for muralists that reached international acclaim.  I always say he opened doors for me when I left Sacramento for Chicago by sending me a letter of introduction to the Chicago Public Art Group i n 1999, where I became their program manager in 2000.  Alpha Bruton Brooklyn-Street-Art-Bio-photo-Jim-Prigoff-250-1 BEYOND THE STREETS New York, 2019. Photo by Desdemona Dallas. Jim Prigoff assembled one of the most extensive bodies of photo documentation of the global

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