A Message from Susan Fox, Curator for Elastic Sound and Vision Gallery

I hope Chicago Artists Month has gone well for you. We've been busy at Elastic, and our last event takes place this Saturday, Oct. 30 from 6 to 10 p.m. It would be wonderful to get your help to spread the word via your email lists and Facebook.

AMP-CHI Artists, Musicians, and Poets of Chicago CAM2010 at Elastic Sound and Vision Gallery, 2830 N. Milwaukee Ave

AMP- CHI Featured Artist Hanah Jon Taylor Artet

Last Saturday's event was a grand success artistically. We now have a wonderful group painting that was done just that evening, and will use our second canvas next Saturday. The poets were captivating. Their message was heart- and gut-wrenching, and the audience was completely caught up with their words. The music was even better than I had hoped. The musicians all know each other well, and have played together in various combinations and that was reflected in their music. Both the poets and the band have a recording of their performances that was taped by Elastic.

Alpha produced wonderful ephemeral paintings using transparencies, food coloring and water projected on the wall by an overhead projector.

And did I mention the food? Friendship donated a large platter of crab rangoon and another huge platter of sushi. That in addition to what Alpha and I brought.

We had also invited the neighborhood artisans who create lucha libre masks and sell them at events such as this. They were pleased to be included, as they sold some masks as well as jewelry.

We expect a similar wonderful event this week-end. Your help to get the word out will help us.